Gardner Village Blog The Fairies Take Flight June 15
Tuesday Jun 4 2019

When the Wishing Bridge at Gardner Village gets this full of colorful wish ribbons, it can mean only one thing—the Woodland Fairy Festival is nearing its end. The last day to enjoy the fairy fun before our bitty residents take flight for another season is June 15, 2019. This leaves you with a little more than a week to get your fairy frolic on. 

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Of course, now that school’s out, 10 days is plenty of time to make your way to Gardner Village to enjoy the fairy garden displays, woodland games, fanciful crafts, and more.

For a complete list of Woodland Fairy Festival activities and experiences, click here. 

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On behalf of everyone at Gardner Village, thanks for making this our best fairy season yet. Your smiling faces, the sheer delight we hear in your children’s voices, the families and friends we see coming together to experience it all… all of it leaves us feeling overjoyed. YOU are our fairy dust!

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Megan Hoeppner

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