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Wednesday Nov 8 2023

Love or hate Daylight Savings Time, there is one reason to celebrate the shorter days – it’s chemical peel season! Sure, you can have this effective skincare treatment year round, but less sun exposure is ideal. So, with the recent rollback of the clocks, our friends at Soulstice Day Spa & Salon are here to unmask everything you need to know about this go-to anti-aging treatment. First and foremost, did you know chemical peels are used for a variety of reasons beyond just the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles? That’s just one of many fun facial facts! Join us for this Q&A and learn all there is to know about this rejuvenating skincare resource and why it has something to offer nearly every skin type!

Q. Just what is a chemical peel?

A. As the name suggests, its skincare treatment that uses a chemical component to rejuvenate the skin. Basically, it turns the skin over, bringing fresh, new skin to the surface.

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Q. What is a chemical peel used for?

A. It’s used primarily as an anti-aging treatment, but varieties of peels are also used for hydration and to treat pigmentation (dark spots), acne, and even enlarged pores.


Q. How often should this treatment be done?

A. That depends on the reasons for getting a chemical peel. If you have specific areas you’re working on, you could get one as often as once a month. If you simply want to use a peel as part of your full skincare maintenance, you can come less frequently. It is recommended that you do peels in a series of at least three to see the most benefit, alternating between peels and facials.

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Q. A chemical peel isn’t a facial?

A. Not exactly. It is a skincare treatment done primarily on the face (though it can also help clear the back, neck, and collar), but it isn’t part of a full facial routine. In order to protect the skin, a peel is done without other facial services (massage, etc.) to ensure your skin isn’t overwhelmed.

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Q. I have sensitive skin. Is a chemical peel right for me?

A. Because there are variety of different peels, there is something for nearly every skin type. The key is working with a licensed and trained esthetician. You never want to apply a peel at home or with a friend. At Soulstice, our team can work with you to prepare you for your peel and decide which approach is right for your unique skin.

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Q. Prepare? How does one prepare for a chemical peel?

A. If you’re new to this treatment, it’s often recommended you get your skin ready by incorporating a regular skincare routine at home, using professional skincare products like the ones sold at Soulstice. This provides your skin with a healthier starting point coming into your peel. Our team also starts off slowly with a lower-intensity peel to ensure your skin is comfortable. Once you develop a greater tolerance, different peel options and approaches can be introduced. It’s all about easing in to ensure you’re getting the most from your peel and having a pleasant experience, which is why it’s best to work with a professional esthetician.

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Q. Does a chemical peel burn?

A. It shouldn’t! If it is working, you’ll likely notice some tingling or heat, but it should never feel like it’s burning. Our estheticians check in with you regularly throughout the procedure to gauge how and what you’re feeling so they can adjust your treatment accordingly. They’ll ask you how to rate any heat you’re feeling and keep close tabs to ensure your skin is well taken care of.

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Q. What about after the peel? Is there risk of burning then?

A. Great question! Yes, your skin is at increased risk of sun exposure immediately following a chemical peel, making this time of year the ideal time to have such treatments. You wouldn’t want to have a chemical peel and jet set off to a beach somewhere. Well… you might want to, but it definitely isn’t advised.


Q. What can expect during a chemical peel procedure?

A. First, your skin is cleansed and prepped. The peel is then added. Depending on the type, it will either be a timed peel, a layered peel, or even a peel that gets left on to continue working throughout the day. In most cases, your peel is applied and later removed and the skin is calmed using cooling towels. This is when the skin is neutralized with a Ph treatment. The service concludes with a moisturizer, and, of course, SPF protection.

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Q. What about after the peel? How should I care for my skin?

A. Immediately following the peel, as stated earlier, do your best to avoid direct sun exposure for any stretch of time. Yes, it’s fine to walk to your car, but you don’t want to hangout poolside. With that, sunscreen is ALWAYS a good idea! We recommend keeping your skin free from makeup for the remainder of the day and don’t overheat. By this, we mean no working out or hot tubs or saunas or anything that is going to drastically raise your body temp. You’ll also want to show your skin some TLC. Don’t exfoliate for at least a week following a chemical peel, and for the first few days, use a gentle cleanser. You have that beautiful post-peel glow because there’s fresh skin at the surface, and you’ll want to handle that skin lovingly.

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Q. How can I learn more, schedule, or even gift a peel?

A. Simply stop by Soulstice or give us a call at 801.255.3655. We’re happy to answer any additional questions you might have, and we do sell gift cards if you want to treat someone you love to an aPEELing holiday gift!

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Thank you, Soulstice team! We had no idea there was so much to know about chemical peels. It’s clear to see why this is such a popular and effective skincare treatment!



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