Gardner Village Blog Take a Piece of the Magic Home at WitchFest this Year
Wednesday Sep 14 2022

In search of WitchFest souvenirs? Seven Gables Mercantile has your style! With WitchFest beginning this week, put some zoom in your broom to see all the new souvenirs you can find at this year's festival.

Seven Gables Mercantile 

image courtesy of Annekah Tolley for Seven Gables Mercantile


WitchFest Souvenirs

Now’s your chance to get right to the point and show your coworkers exactly how you feel! :)

I work with a bunch of witches

image courtesy of Annekah Tolley for Seven Gables Mercantile

Or you can proudly display your love of WitchFest at Gardner Village across your chest with this cutie T.

halloween wear to wear at work 

image courtesy of Annekah Tolley for Seven Gables Mercantile


WitchFest 2022

kids clothing at Gardner Village

image courtesy of Annekah Tolley for Seven Gables Mercantile

Here’s a mugshot to remember! Pick your poison from the tall and slender or the short and handled. 

Halloween tumblers 

No matter how you choose to sip your witch's brew, you won’t want to forget an assortment of collector's WitchFest stickers for your flasks, mugs, laptops and folders. The memories you make here will stick with you.

WitchFest stickers

Act fast! This souvenir puzzle flew off the shelves very quickly last year. We’re so happy to have a second chance at securing this cool Gardner Village Puzzle by local artist Eric Dowdle again this year! This puzzle was sold nationally and is an original to Gardner Village.

 Utah artist Eric Dowdle

This WitchFest tote bag will drape right over that broomstick, making it easy to carry all your goodies home when you’re ready to take flight.


Witches Night Out



For these and other charming WitchFest souvenirs, visit Seven Gables Mercantile soon for the latest in frights and delights! You never know who you might encounter on your next visit. 

Lucinda the Witch

image courtesy of Annekah Tolley for Seven Gables Mercantile

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