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Wednesday Apr 26 2023

It’s no secret that “springtime” in Utah can feel like winter one day and summer the next. It’s like a seasonal identity crisis that can make finding a consistently comfortable temp a challenge. Fortunately, Layers Bedding has your solution for this transitional time, at least where getting a restful night’s sleep is concerned. Plus, they have a look at the latest trends and tips to try to give your bedroom a breath of fresh air.

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BED 1: Coastal Getaway

Prognosis: Spring Fever

RX: A beach vacay, straight away

For those of us in the landlocked state of Utah, a cruise to the coast isn't the easiest option, so we suggest bringing that vibe home. Pair sea glass and other aquatic-inspired shades with a bright white for a fresh look. 

coastal colors 

And because you never know what temps will greet you at the seaside (a.k.a. Utah springs), we recommend layering a second heavier quilt over your thinner base. It never hurts to have options. Plus, the layers add must-have texture.  

spring bedding tips

It wouldn't be a beach getaway without some linens mixed in. Best part: You don't even have to iron these beauties. (Take that, linen pants!) 

spring 2023 trends


BED 2: Velvet Underground

Spring is a transitional time, which has cool winter playing with the promise of a much-anticipated spring fling. That's this bed in a nutshell.  

 how to make the perfect bed

On the lighter side, you have blossoms just starting to take shape. Isn't this floral Euro perfection? By adding two lighter green accent pillows, you have the first signs of a spring garden in an instant. 

2023 floral trends

Of course, that winter chill likes to come out and play overnight, so a warmer velvet layer is a wise choice. Good news! The velvet look is here to stay. What was once thought of as a winter fabric is now here all year long, which is especially nice when you're layering bedding this time of year. 

velvet trend

Another go-to is a decorative throw. Yes, it makes your bed that much more inviting, but it also serves as a little extra warmth should you need it when it decides to snow in JUNE. (Hey, it's been known to happen around here.) 

favorite throws

master suite design ideas

Did you know Layers also sells furniture, including benches? This bedroom must-have is a great place to put extra comforts within arm's reach, should you need them. 

bed bench

BED 3: He Said, She Said

Everything about this bed is a beautiful blend of masculine and feminine touches. 

perfect bed design for a couple 

The on-trend block print flower pattern adds a softness to the design. 

block print floral trend

The heavier linen of this amazing lumbar pillow weaves in some masculinity. 

linen lumbar

Once again, you'll see numerous textures working together to bring this bed to life. From heavier velvet to the lightest of linen, this bed really is all about balance, making it a fantastic choice for the master suite. 

green and blue bedroom

BED 4: Here Comes the Sun

Little darlin'... You're going to LOVE this look. The warm yellow is a much-needed reminder that summer's sun is coming. 

yellow bedroom ideas

Once again, you'll see a few favorite spring bedding basics, including the heavier mid layer and the velvet touches. Balancing that, the eyelet fabric on the white Euro is so very spring, and the vibrant florals really bring it all to life. 

how to make the perfect bed 

Which look is your favorite? New bedding is an easy way to freshen up your space. Find your perfect spring fling at Layers Bedding at Gardner Village and transform the look of your room in minutes. 

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