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Thursday Feb 29 2024

Why is green so often associated negatively? It’s not easy being green. Green with envy. The jealous green-eyed monster. Truth is, green is a very POSITIVE color, especially when used in your home this year. Spring is fast approaching, and our friends at Down to Earth are here to share a few of their favorite green items for the home, as well as a little more information on what makes this the go-to color this season.

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design tip #1: GREEN AS A NEUTRAL

Every once in a while, a color comes along that’s so compatible it can’t help but join the neutral ranks. Right now, green is that color. The right shades of green pair well with many other hues, which is a neutral quality to appreciate. And, when used on its own, it doesn’t stand out in a jarring way. Instead, it adds to the overall harmony of a space in a very neutral-like way.

green as a neutral 


Yes, indoor greenery is always a great idea! But don’t limit yourself to just plant placement. Enjoy the full green scene with green furniture, accents, bedding, art, and even cabinets.

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design tip #3: GREEN FOCAL POINT

Move over, red. This bullseye is going green. A great way to update the look of a room is to invest in a spotlight piece. Especially if that piece happens to be a velvet green sofa. (Swoon!) Just as green works wonderfully as a neutral, it can also be a standout area of interest in a room. It’s all in the amount you use and how you place it.

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design tip #4: GREEN GALORE

Don’t be afraid to combine various shades of green. The great outdoors is proof that multiple hues can come together in perfect harmony. Take this pretty pine pillow, for example, which pairs beautifully with the sage green sofa. While this is a subtle example, it’s far from all you can do. Have fun mixing and matching to create your green scene.

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Here are a few of the favorite shades of green at Down to Earth right now:

  • Olive
  • Apple
  • Spruce
  • Sage
  • Pine

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Has this color coaching have you thinking green? Stop by Down to Earth. The friendly team would love to get you going on the green trend in a way that works for your unique needs and plans.

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Happy (almost) spring!  

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