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Wednesday Oct 6 2021

Looking for some brilliant Halloween decorating ideas? We’ve got you covered! How about some happy window shopping? Yup, we’ve got that too. Hop aboard our broomstick for a flight of fancy that’s as inspiring as it is FUN!

 Best places to shop for Halloween in Utah

Layers Bedding

This time of year, much of our focus is on the enchantment of WitchFest. From pointy hats to pumpkins, it’s easy to see what this fall frenzy has become a tradition for thousands of Utah families and even people from other states who make the trek for a visit. Today, we’d like to pull back the curtain and celebrate the magic BEHIND the magic — our local shop owners!

 The Art Cottage

Did you know nearly every shop at Gardner Village is independently owned? To see how each of these busy small-business owners step up their game year after year to transform Gardner Village into one of Utah’s top fall destinations proves the old adage true, it really does take a village!

 Simply Flowers

Storybook Nook

Getting WitchFest ready is no easy task, and we sure couldn’t do it without these hard-working individuals who tirelessly work looooong hours, paying attention to every detail, all to ensure your WitchFest experience doesn’t disappoint.

Pine Needles 

Spoiled Rotten Children's Boutique

 Lulu's Boutique

The next time you visit, take a little extra time to soak in all of their clever decorating ideas. Have your camera phone ready. From handmade designs to eye-catching displays, you’ll leave with a camera roll full of ideas to try at home and some top-notch backdrops when snapping pics of your happy witch seekers.

DIY Halloween Decor

Willow Hill Yarn Company

Don’t be afraid to step up and take a closer look. As this tiny window scene at Seven Gables Mercantile proves, every detail is captivating.

Halloween mini scene

 Seven Gables Mercantile

Of course, the goodies inside these shops aren’t to be missed, but that goes without saying. Our focus today is on the bigger picture and scenic magic that awaits at Gardner Village before ever stepping foot inside our welcoming shops.

Plum Dandy 


Soulstice Day Spa and Salon

A great big thank you to all of our supportive shop owners and your fabulous teams for all you do to bring the magic. Gardner Village wouldn’t be what it is without you!

Chocolate Covered Wagon

 Boda Bridal

The Crystal Fairy

As we enter into the holiday season, we offer up the friendly reminder to buy local. These small businesses are owned by your Utah neighbors. Your support means the world to them during WitchFest and all year through.

The Train Shoppe

Learn more about each of our locally-owned businesses here

Camera Shy

 A Great Escape at Gardner Village


We can’t wait to see you at WitchFest soon! In the meantime, find more information on every happy happening here.  

WitchFest at Gardner Village

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