Gardner Village Blog Six Spring Things to LOVE at Seven Gables Mercantile
Tuesday Apr 19 2022

Like a spring garden starting to bloom, Seven Gables Mercantile is colorful and unique and unexpected. As a magical mix of consignment and vintage and new and made over, a visit is like a treasure hunt. This locally owned business really pays it forward, supporting other local sellers and crafters and artists and  business owners. Shopping here, you really keep your money in your community in an extra special way! Because of this, you never know what you’ll discover from one visit to the next!

color changing umbrellas 

As a special treat, owner Laurie Tanner is here to give us a glimpse of what you’ll find in store at Seven Gables Mercantile. She’s sharing a few of her springtime favorites, in no particular order…


1. Umbrellas

Greet those April (and May!) showers in style with these cool umbrellas. Some double as disguise with friendly faces worked into the design.

gift ideas for childs birthday

Laurie’s favorite feature is that these cuties actually change colors in the rain, adding magic to this already-enchanting season!

best local shopping in Utah 

2. Spring Dishes

If you’ve visited Seven Gables Mercantile, you know Laurie is a big fan of gorgeous table settings. A walk through the store is like a walk through a dining room wonderland, with old and new dishes and glasses and plates and silverware, all coming together in a harmonious way from one table to the next.

 Vintage table setting

This particular setting is one of Laurie’s favorite springtime groupings. Wouldn’t it make a lovely Mother’s Day spread and surprise for your special lady?

how to set a table for Mother's Day

As an added touch, incorporate new books into the table setting. It not only gives height but also gives your mama one more surprise gift to enjoy! (Book club friends, you should also give this decorating idea a try!)

centerpiece ideas book club 

3. Table Runners

How about a spring run? Nah. Don’t worry, you don’t have to dust off those running shoes if you aren’t feeling it. This favorite is actually a run for your table. There are several unique table runners available at Seven Gables Mercantile right now.

 farmhouse table runner

Some are even handmade by local artists.

 where to sell handmade goods in Utah

4. Paint

One of Laurie’s go-to ways of adding a breath of fresh air to her home is paint. A clean coat of paint can work wonders and really add some spring-like life to your space.

Rethunk Junk Paint 

How to paint cabinets with less work

Good news! In celebration of spring, the Country Chic paint is on sale for 40% off!

 Country Chic Paint

5. Journals

At long last, spring is here. The warmer weather is like a magnet, pulling us outdoors for fresh air and sunshine. Why not make the most of this time outside by packing a new journal? Laurie loves sitting outside to capture thoughts in her journal. Especially when that journal is as cute as these!

great gift ideas 

Whether you sketch or free write or list-make or simply play tic tac toe, journaling seems far more satisfying when done outdoors (in a cute book!).

 cool journal designs

6. Pillows

Any pillow person will tell you, decorative pillows are the easiest way to add new life to a room. Whether you’re dressing up your bed or styling your sofa, pillows are small enough that they store easily and come in numerous patterns, colors, and sizes. No wonder they’re one of Laurie’s top ways to bring the spring. Just look at this sweet assortment of new, vintage, and even handmade! 

unique decorative pillows

Clearly, spring is in the air at Seven Gables Mercantile. Whether you’re shopping for Mom or simply want to buy local and support talented crafters and consigners in the area, this is a happy trip to make.


Another timely reason to visit Seven Gables Mercantile soon? They’re hosting the Mad Hatter's Tea Party event on Saturday, April 30, 2022! Call 801.561.5557 or stop by for more information and to reserve your space! 

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