Gardner Village Blog Ricochet Canyon - Fun for the Entire Family!
Wednesday Sep 29 2021

Welcome to the Wild Witch West! Ricochet Canyon is now open. Just in time for WitchFest, this happy spot takes what used to be Six Hags Witches Adventure and adds SO MUCH to it for our youngest guests and their families.

The Train Shoppe at Gardner Village is behind this rootin' tootin' fun, so it's no surprise it's filled with rail-riding thrills. 

But this kid-friendly fun isn't just for the wee witches. Load the entire family on the broom and cruise in for this cool Canyon experience!

From amusement rides to playgrounds, there's much to do at Ricochet Canyon. Take a look at just a few of the fun things you'll find. 


Little Minor Pumper Cars

Better pump fast, kiddos. You never know who's waiting around the bend to catch a ride.  


Rattling Iron Rollercoaster

Hold on to those pointy hats and glasses... It's a kid-friendly coaster that parents and children can ride together.


Of course, a few charismatic characters might join you for a spin. (Psstt... Don't let those terrified faces fool you; this ride is designed for the littles.) 

Ricochet Canyon Railroad

It wouldn't be a Train Shoppe showdown without a railroad ride. This tracked excursion takes a zip around Halloween Town.


Beware of hitchhiking witches!  



Beyond the walls of Ricochet Canyon, the fun continues with rides around Gardner Village. Enjoy this front-row seat to WitchFest on these magical modes of Ricochet Canyon transport! 

Wagon Ride

Heeeyyy you guyyys! Get ready for this tractor-pulled adventure. 

Train Ride

A ride throughout The Village on this beauty is always worth doing, but it's extra enchanting during WitchFest, when your scenic tour takes you past Witch Displays, some of our best-dressed guests, happy Halloween sales, and so much more!  



While this post won't show you everything (a witch never reveals ALL of her magic!), here are a few of the playful extras in store for you at Ricochet Canyon.


The Ricochet Canyon Playground

From slides and bounce houses to ax throwing (of the kid variety!), this is the perfect spot to get those witchy wiggles out! 



The Rattling Iron Playground

Named for the rollercoaster that surrounds this space, you'll find an adorable wild west setting to explore.


It's a great spot for those who aren't feeling coaster-ready to hang out while the rest of your boo crew takes a spin! 



This carefree cauldron has only just begun to bubble. There are many more fun things to experience at Ricochet Canyon during WitchFest.


Awww... Dry your eyes, sweet one. This really IS a happy adventure. Or perhaps those are tears of joy?

Take a peek for yourself and see what all the cackling is about.

Even with whacky witches on the loose at times, Ricochet Canyon is still the place to be with your family this fall.

Stop by and see for yourself, now through October 30, 2021. And check back in 2022 for a more permanent Ricochet Canyon adventure zone at Gardner Village. More rides and excitement are in the works and coming soon! 


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