Gardner Village Blog Pillow Talk: A Closer Look at Decorative Pillows
Wednesday Aug 18 2021

Hello, darling! Won’t you join us for some pillow talk? As much as we love sweet nothings, this post is actually full of sweet somethings. Pillow pointers! Our friends at Layers Bedding have different ideas for placing decorative pillows, the different types and sizes available to you, and even ideas for taking your pillows beyond the bed to add happiness to other areas of the home. Let’s get to it with some fluffed up chitchat all about pretty pillows!

 Layers Bedding and Down to Earth


Just what is a Dutch Euro anyway? Nope, it’s not a way to purchase tulips in Holland. It’s actually a FABULOUS pillow and bed must-have. Believe it or not, when it comes to decorative pillows, options stretch far beyond standard and king. Let’s begin this pillow party with a look at your various pillow players.



Dutch Euro = At 32” x 39”, these are basically your pillow queen! One fills a twin bed beautifully, while two side by side can add real wow to your king bed.  

Euro = This 26”-square statement pillow is another decorative draw that makes a statement, whether you add one, two, or even three to your spread.

22” square = At a few inches smaller than the euro, this square counterpart is another impressive option for your bed.

20” square = As the most common decorative pillow size, you’ll often find these cute squares on beds, as well as other areas of the home (sofas, chairs, etc.).

Lumbar = As the name suggests, these long, lean beauties were originally designed to support the lower. Anymore, they’re often found at the base of a pillow formation on the bed.



Now that we have the players identified, let’s look at ways they work together to make any bed look more inviting. 

PLACEMENT PLAN 1: Celebrating Symmetry

If you were to draw a line down the center of this bed (from headboard to base), you’d have a mirror image on either side of that line. This form of balance, known as symmetry, is a popular approach to pillow placement.

symmetrical pillow placement 

It’s easy to see why this works so well. It gives each side of the bed equal weight. On this beautiful example, it starts with two statement Dutch Euros in the back, followed by two 22”-square pops of green, a linear square Euro in the center, two smaller 20”-square pillows and a unifying lumbar across the center.

 lovely lumbar pillow looks

TIP: A long, lean lumbar pillow placed across the front connects your arrangement, making it a fun finishing touch.


PLACEMENT PLAN 2: Asymmetrical Daybed Design

Two Dutch Euros are commonly side-by-side at the head of a king bed, but did you ever consider having them line the back of a daybed? It’s an easy way to fill the space while adding height.

how to make a daybed 

As this darling daybed proves, symmetry isn’t the only way to achieve balance. The pillow placement breaks symmetry… barely. The pillows might not be the exact same on either side, but the placement still feels balanced due to the strategic use of color. The mustard yellow is positioned a triangle with two pillows (a euro and a 20”) and the mustard throw. This triangle or thirds effect is a fun way to achieve balance without creating a mirror images on either side of our imaginary line.


PLACEMENT PLAN 3: Min. vs. Max

A pile of inviting pillows isn’t for everyone, nor does it have to be. As these two arrangements show, you can have an inviting bed with many pillows or just a few.

Full Styling

This option takes a more layered approach, with super fun Dutch Euros in the back, followed by the dreamiest body pillow (long black), a single square Euro, two 20” squares and a lumbar across the center.

 trendy body pillows

Minimal Styling

The body pillow above is replaced with a lumbar pillow of the same fantastic design. The Dutch Euros are left in place. That’s it. Just three pillows and the bed still looks amazing!

 minimal pillow styles

TIP: There isn’t a right/wrong way to add pillows. Even in one house, feel free to take different approaches from bed to bed. Maybe you only add a pillow pile to your bed and take a more minimal approach to guest beds, for example.

TIP: Minimal pillows give more focus to the blankets and quilts on your bed. A bed with fewer pillows is a great place to showcase a special quilt or favorite throw.



Twin beds can get in on the pillow play. To add several sizes and layers, consider this angled approach. Like a zipper, each pillow slightly weaves into the next.

styling a twin bed 

TIP: Lumbar pillows come in many shapes and sizes. Look for smaller ones when making a twin bed. It’s like a cherry on top, adding the cutest finishing touch.


PLACEMENT PLAN 5 (and 6): Trio of Euros 

These two bed beauties show your square euros are full of versatility. On this bed, the two white Euros and one linen Euro are placed to form a triangle.

 beautiful 2021 bedding trends

On this blooming bed, the three square euros are lined up side by side, creating a pretty line across the back, just ahead of the larger Dutch Euros.

 how to place euros

Either way you position them, 26”-square Euros are full of potential.


Add comfort to other areas of your home using decorative pillows. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

 wicker kitchen stools

  • The sofa (of course!)
  • A comfy chair
  • Your office chair (lumbars are great here!)
  • An entryway or dining table bench
  • A hammock chair (yay!)
  • Bar stools
  • Outside on furniture (hello, egg chair pillow!)
  • On the floor in a reading nook or music space
  • Even on your car seat if your back could use a little extra support

hammock chair 


All of this pillow talk aside, we have two main takeaways for you to remember:

  1. Decorative pillows should be called joy pillows, because any way you add them, the make a bed or other piece of furniture feel happy.
  2. There’s no right or wrong way to place your pillows. Add one or 20. As long as it makes you happy, you’re doing it right! Check out your MANY delightful options at Layers soon.

Sweet dreams! 

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