Gardner Village Blog Now Open: The Crystal Fairy at Gardner Village
Wednesday Apr 28 2021

Every spring, the Woodland Fairies call Gardner Village home. It’s an annual event that fills the air with sweet wonder (and a bit of fairy dust!). So it’s no wonder we’re thrilled to welcome our newest shop, The Crystal Fairy, which brings a year-round fairy feel to The Village!

 The Crystal Fairy

You’ll find The Crystal Fairy located where Storybook Nook used to be. (Never fear. Storybook Nook is now down our main pathway, across from Lulu’s Boutique.) You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you see the flower-wrapped columns and butterflies perched on the walls. It’s like a real-life fairytale!   

The whimsy continues inside, where shop owner Amy Hasna has painted darling woodland murals on the shop’s walls. What a fun photo opp!

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There’s a reason such love and attention have gone into every detail. Owning such a place has a been a dream of Amy’s for a long time. But! Not just any place would do. Amy had a very specific vision.

 handcrafted fairy wand

“I really, really just wanted Gardner Village,” Amy laughed. “I wanted a store for a long time and even reached out to The Village four or five years ago, but it wasn’t the right time then. So I looked at other options, but I always came back to this place. It simply had to be Gardner Village.”


Amy’s heart belonged here well before her store opened, which explains why she was willing to wait for when the time was right to make this move.

 fairy garden essentials

“I’ve always loved Gardner Village,” Amy said with a smile. “My mom used to bring me here. It’s one of her favorite places. When I had my daughter, I started bringing her here. We come to Witches Night Out every year. We’ve made so many memories here. It’s where we like to be.”

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What a special full-circle moment for Amy to now call Gardner Village home as one of our small business owners! She even works alongside the very daughter she brought here as a child. Besides working together in the store, Amy and her daughter spend much time outside of work, creating handcrafted pieces to sell in their shop.

handmade jewelry

 handmade soap

“It all started when my daughter was eight,” Amy recalled. “We’d create fairy gardens and houses together for fun. One year, we even made and donated a fairy tree to The Festival of the Trees. Eventually, I opened my Etsy shop in 2012 and started selling at local shows and markets and fairs. It feels wonderful to have a permanent spot to now call home”

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If you ask Amy, there’s no doubt fairies exist. In fact, she even encourages you to leave them small gifts.

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“In the UK, it’s a big thing to leave fairy offerings,” Amy explained. “Fairies love shiny things like crystals and coins. They also like small acorns and pine cones… things that are environmentally friendly.”

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What’s the reason behind leaving these trinkets? Amy has the answer to that, too. 

“Leaving gifts is a centuries-long practice that’s said to appease the fairies. They can be quite mischievous after all.”

Don’t worry. The Crystal Fairy has you covered with plenty of crystals and stones available. Phew!

 stones and their meanings


Good news! The Crystal Fairy is preparing a special craft for the upcoming Woodland Fairies. With the spirited sprites arriving soon, they want to help you create a Fairy Offering Kit. Make the shop a part of your festival flight plan and be prepared for any mischief our winged friends might have in mind.

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This is also your stop for pre-festival prep. From mom-and-me fairy dresses and GORGEOUS wands to pretty spell books and other unique treasures, The Crystal Fairy is your go-to source for all things wing!



Card readings are another activity you can enjoy at The Crystal Fairy. They’re available any time of year. Simply call the shop to schedule your appointment. For those interested in doing a little at-home reading, they sell oracle decks and various on-topic books.  

 oracle decks



“I want people to come in here and feel that it’s magical,” Amy said. “So far, the feedback I’ve received has been very positive. Everyone seems to really appreciate the whimsy and welcoming feel we’ve created, which makes me so happy!”

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Amy’s daughter isn’t the only one in the family to support her dream. Her husband Ernie often visits, beaming with pride at all Amy has accomplished.

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“She’s been ready for this for years,” Ernie said. “All she wants is to have people walk in and feel joy and smile, knowing this is a magical place to be.”

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With special touches like a free sticker with purchase and the cutest shopping bags ever, it’s no wonder shoppers are already enchanted by The Crystal Fairy. It IS a magical place to be.

free with purchase

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Call your fairy friends and experience it together. You’ll be glad you did!

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