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Wednesday Nov 7 2018

Halloween may be over, but there is still magic in the air at Gardner Village. Introducing… Mystique Dining at Gardner Village! 

mystique dining

This exciting outing proves you don’t need a magic wand to experience an enchanting night out. It’s as if they’ve tossed some family fun and a little Las Vegas ambience into a magician’s top hat, and… abracadabra! We have a dining experience unlike any in Utah! 

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Allow me to set the stage. To begin, you go online and select your seats. Mystique’s Grand Dining Chamber seats just 30 guests, so you're guaranteed a front-row experience no matter where you sit. 

family fun in utah

Guests gather in the lobby just before showtime and are welcomed in style. 

dinner theater

Upon entering, you’ll encounter an intimate setting, draped in mystery. As you wait for your first of five courses to arrive (yes, I did say FIVE!), take a stroll about the room and check out the unique details. 

magic show

five course dining

gardner village

Talk about a cool photo backdrop!

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Time to dine! You’ll be greeted with one delicious dish after another. For the main course, Mystique offers both meat and vegetarian options, with one just as tasty as the next! 

fine dining

valentine's date idea

As your dessert plates are cleared, let the show begin! Mystique Dining brings in talented magicians from around the world. Because the acts change, this is something you’ll want to check out time and time again.

anniversary outing

For our visit, we were mesmerized by Larry Wilson (Instagram @larrywilsonmagic). Now, I like to think I’m a fairly savvy sista, but I tell you, I was stumped. How he performed the tricks he did is beyond me. Even the self-proclaimed skeptics in the crowd seemed impressed. 

larry wilson magic

What a treat! Having something different and exciting to do here in the Salt Lake area is such fun! Whether you’re looking for a memorable date night or something awesome to do with family or friends, this is it! It will leave you thinking about the tricks and dreaming about the yummy tastes long after the show is over. 

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Megan Hoeppner

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