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Monday Oct 17 2016

Halloween is less than a week away. Thinking you need a magic wand to make a memorable impression for that costume party or classroom surprise? You're in luck! Lucinda the Witch has cast the perfect Cute Gift spell. The result: adorable treats you can easily create using only a few basic supplies! 

Broomstick Candy Bundle

Make this sweet sweep for your child's teacher, your neighbor, or your Halloween party guests.

Supplies: Scissors, paper sack, yellow napkin (or paper), jute or rafia, small stick, and candy! 

Step 1: Trim fringe in the top third of your unch sack and all but approximately an inch of the napkin.

Step 2: Fill the lower third of the sack with treats, and insert a stick. Wrap the napkin around the bag and tie it closed securely using jute or rafia. 

Step 3: Fold the fringe down around the bag and secure in place with a second strand of jute or rafia. 

Step 4 (option): Add a little fall fashion to your broom. A gift tag or fall leaf will give it an extra pop of color.

Owl Be! It's a Goodie Bag

Look no further than your own kitchen cupboards for the supplies needed to make this hootenanny. 

Supplies: Black marker, orange paper, yellow paper, lunch sack, scissors, glue, stapler, and candy! 

Step 1: Trace a round object with a black marker to create the eyes. Cut the eyes out.


Step 2: Trim the top of your bag to come to a point. Draw a beak on orange paper using a black marker and cut it out as well. 


Step 3: Draw feathers on your bag (front of bag only) and fill approximately 1/3 of the bag with a few of your favorite treats.


Step 4: Adhere the eyes to the bag, and fold the top of the bag down.

Step 5:  Hold the beak in place and staple the bag closed to complete the project. 

Wasn't that a hoot? If you have a large group to create for, consider using little treat bags to create a flock of bitty birds. In the, ahem, spirit of things, I have a few more witch-related ideas on my blog

Which Witch

This month, we've gotten to know a bit about our witches with each Wednesday blog post. Here is our last group of gorgeous gals. 

The Final Days Before the Big Fly

Phew! This witch work is exhausting business! 

But there's still time to play before the Gardner Village Witches fly south for their long winter's nap. 


The cauldron will bubble with Witches Night Out magic this Friday and Saturday. Learn more about the happenings here


The Witch Scavenger Hunt is still on. Have you and your wee witches found them all? Get your scavenger hunt form here

Six Hags is still open and the MANY awesome photo ops are still in place.  

Yes, there's much to do before the Witches pack their bags...

...and hit the road for another season. 

Gardner Village is open Monday through Saturday. The Village will close early on Halloween (closes at 5:00). So make sure you come give the gals a kiss and wish them well. Halloween certainly wouldn't be as fun (and funny!) without them!

Your HATtitude

The secret to the award-winning Witch potion is and always has been YOU. Thank you for coming out year after year to visit the Witch Displays, mingle with our Witchy women, and enjoy every aspect of the brouhaha. We absolutely love seeing the wonder of it all through your eyes (and cameras!). Here are a few final HATtitude posts to share this year.  

Sure the $.50 cookie from Naborhood Bakery is excellent incentive to go on the Gardner Village Witch Scavenger Hunt, but it's the photo ops that are the real sugar on top! Thanks for sharing, @cesileyhancock! Your wee witch is the cutest!


You and your boo crew know how to do Witches Night Out right, @sarahselin!


@beckiadams has the right idea. Keep your favorite photos from your Halloween Garnder Village adventures documented by creating an adorable scrapbook page. I'm sure Lucinda the Witch would gladly lend a hand. Or you can check Becki's blog for more ideas.


A special thanks to Careen Densley and her team for all of their hard work making the Witch wonders a reality. Careen's eye and attention to detail can't be beat. 

And, again, thank YOU for making the magic come to life. We can't wait to do it all again next year. In the meantime, your friends at Gardner Village wish you the happiest of Halloweens! 

Mysterious Hoeppner (bwahahahaha!) 

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