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Wednesday Jul 31 2019

With a name like Gardner Village, we had better know gardening. ;) In all seriousness, there are hundreds of unique plant species at Gardner Village. It requires much work and know-how to keep them looking their best. This is your chance to learn from the experts. The Village property management team is here with year-round tips for keeping your own yard looking great.

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Utah springs can be tricky. One moment it’s warm, the next snow is falling again. So when is the best time to start your spring planting? Typically, the Gardner Village team waits until around Mother’s Day each year to bring in flowers, which are purchased at a local greenhouse. 

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Of course, the same isn’t true for bulb-based plants, such as tulips, daffodils and alliums. You’ll want to plant bulbs in the fall to ensure a vibrant spring garden. In northern Utah, that’s in October through early November, before the ground freezes. 

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FLOWER FACT: Did you know tulip bulbs are designed to only bloom for three to four years before they’ll need to be replaced? So if you see your tulip garden dwindling, it might be time to add new bulbs.

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* Add fertilizer to the soil before adding flowers.

* Start with your larger plants in the center of your pot and work your way out with smaller plants. 

* Water the planters once a day.

* Add Miracle Grow to your pots twice a month. 

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Fun Fact: It takes three groundskeepers 1-2 hours a day to hand-water all of the planters at The Village.

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Take inspiration from Gardner Village and have fun with your planters, both with unexpected pots and playful planter additions. Less expected options such as the basket of an old bicycle or an old mining cart are quite decorative and unique!

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Search for vintage items you can repurpose. (Aunt Elsie’s Trinkets & Treasures is an excellent resource.) 

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Group planters of different shapes and sizes together in a designated space, such as a porch or rasied area. For a balanced look and added interest, opt for containers of different sizes and heights.

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Add decorative touches to your planters. Fairy garden pieces are a happy choice.

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Keep the decorative feel going beyond your flower pots by adding decorative elements to the surrounding areas of your yard. Include heirloom items that hold significance for your family or interesting found items. Bigger pieces are a great way to fill in space while adding character. 

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Outdoor lights are an easy way to work in some magical ambiance. 

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Utah is a high mountain desert, so a little xeriscaping goes a long way. Simply put, xeriscaping is using waterwise landscaping, such as drought-tolerant plants, mulch, rocks, communal sitting areas, etc. 


Fun Fact: Did you know you can actually get cash rebates for working xeriscaping into your parking strip. Learn more about the Flip Your Strip program here, and visit the Conservation Garden Park in West Jordan, Utah for waterwise tips, classes, plant choices, and more.  




Fall Clean-Up

Just because leaves are falling doesn’t mean it’s time to hang up your garden gloves. Autumn is the ideal time for garden clean up. Cut your bushes and larger plants (rose bushes, etc.) down, and pull out any annuals (one-time blooms). This will make spring gardening easier. 

Fun Fact: Fall clean up takes weeks at Gardner Village, and this is with extra hired help. Maybe this fact isn’t exactly “fun,” but it does speak to the volume of vegetation on the property.  

Fall Decor

Just because growing season is over doesn’t mean you can’t continue to decorate your yard. Take inspiration from The Village and work pumpkins, straw, and other natural elements into your landscaping. 

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Think Beyond the Bale 

Corn stalks are another way to work in a natural fall feel. Tie them around your fence, a light post, or another lengthy area.  

Fun Fact: Gardner Village uses several semi trucks full of pumpkins and straw each autumn. Wow!

Fall Landscaping Idea: Fill a wagon or cart with pumpkins and use it as garden decor. 


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There isn’t much to do in terms of winter landscaping, but there is a word of warning to share. Be careful where you shovel your snow. Don’t pile it up against younger/newly planted trees. It makes the ground too unstable and can do great harm.



Yes, much goes into the general upkeep at Gardner Village, but it’s totally worth the work. The Village prides itself on being one of the most photographed backdrops in the state of Utah. We love being a part of your snapshots and memories. And we hope the pointers here help you carry that look and feel into your own outdoor space. 

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