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Wednesday Mar 8 2023

Pinkies up! It's time to sit for a sip at a tea party at Seven Gables Mercantile

Seven Gables Mercantile 

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Seven Gables Mercantile is known for their eclectic offering of gifts, antiques, consignment items, and other treasures, but did you know they're also sought out for their top-tier tea parties?!

Happy Camper Deli and Bakery 

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It's no wonder these events sell out time and time again. No detail is overlooked.

tea party ideas

The decor is spot on.

Mad Hatter tea party

You sip from real fine China tea cups.

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gorgeous teacups

It's a chance to gather with your girlfriends, family, or even a cute date.

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These events definitely hit the sweet spot!

creative tea party decor setting a romantic table


Nope. No dress code here. Of course, it is more fun to put on something preTEA. And with a theme attached to every tea party, you can really get into the spirit of things with your attire! 

 low bun

 face painting

Seven Gables Mercantile shop dog

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You'll sip from a beautiful tea cup and use the prettiest of tea pots. Of course, lemonade and water are also on the menu for those who prefer a cooler concoction. 

mommy daughter tea party


Finger sandwiches and the cutest pastries are brought in for each event by Happy Camper Deli and Bakery. The detail they put into each service is remarkable and SO very tasty! 

 Happy Camper Deli and Bakery

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You'll want to reserve your spot ahead of time by visiting Seven Gables Mercantile or giving the shop a call at 801.561.5557. Spots sell out quickly, so don't delay when the tea time clock strikes. 

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Once you arrive at your event, you'll be shown to your seat to prepare for a treat. Food and drink are served and you're left to spill the tea, laugh, and simply enjoy the unforgettable time together.

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date tea party

Tea parties vary from one event to the next and may include crafts, small gifts, and other special surprises! 

 table setting for tea party

 mad hatter party

 teapot box


Next on the tea-time horizon? An Easter affair you won't want to miss! Contact the shop for more info. 

Easter tea party 

 butterfly teapot


Easter is only the beginning. You'll find a number of themed gatherings throughout the year. Here's a look back at a few of the 2022 highlights and fun to look forward to in 2023!


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 galentines tea party


Fairy season is right around the corner at Gardner Village. Don't miss your chance to fly in for this fanciful tea celebration. Seats sell quickly on this one. Be the first to know about when the event opens by following Seven Gables Mercantile on social media. 

fairy tea party 



It's the tea party to beat all tea parties! Inspired by the tea O.G., this fun focuses on festive hats, whimsical treats, and general merriment. No wonder it's the most popular on the tea calendar! 

 Laurie Seven Gables Mercantile

Mad Hatter craft 


Harry T. Potter (or Tea Pot for short) would feel right at home at this magical celebration. Okay, so perhaps this isn't his middle initial or his nickname, but we know he'd give his spell of approval for this always-popular event! 

Wizard tea party 

Harry Potter party 

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 tea with boys


It wouldn't be a Gardner Village gathering without a pioneer-themed party on the events calendar. This is a memorable way to celebrate Utah heritage and time with your loved ones! 

pioneer day Utah even

patriotic tea party

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Yes, witches love cauldrons, but that doesn't mean they don't also put a teapot on the stove to boil from time to time. Add this tea treat to Gardner Village's WitchFest list of must-dos in 2023! 

witch decor 

fun date night

seasonal tea parties


fun to be had


Beyond the scheduled themed happenings, which tend to take place on Saturdays throughout the year, you can also schedule private tea party events. From birthday parties to group events, there are so many reasons to sit and sip. There's even a Girl Scouts troop coming in for an event soon. (It's about time someone brought them some cookies!) The sky's the limit when it comes to tea party possibility! 

private parties at Gardner Village

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 private catering option

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Visit the Gardner Village Parties section of our website for more information on hosting your next party here. 


Don't suffer the fear of missing out. You see, every time a tea party is happening at Seven Gables Mercantile, other shop guests who happen in can't help but notice and inquire. "Wait?! You host tea parties? How do I get on the list?" Get yourself on the list and be the first to know of upcoming events by calling or visiting Seven Gables Mercantile and putting your name on their email list. You can also follow them on social media for the latest updates. 

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Clearly, it's hip to sip. We can't wait to see you at a tea party soon. Cheers! 

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