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Wednesday Apr 27 2022

Rather than wrap a gift for your mom this Mother’s Day, serve her an entire experience with a tray-based present. The design experts at Down to Earth have three clever ideas that will turn your surprise into a whole vibe. Gardner Village



Step 1: Start with a base. You have several clever approaches to consider. We’ll look at three favorites — a shallow basket/tray, a wood tray, and a cutting/charcuterie board. 

basket tray

Step 2: Find filler. With a tray selected, have fun filling it with thoughtful bonus gifts for Mom.

secret book box 

Tray Toppers to Consider

  • A favorite book
  • Flowers
  • A special treat
  • Something (else) pretty for the home


Let’s give this tray business a try!



For this pretty bundle, color is key. You’ll see a definite hue harmony happening with a gorgeous spring pallet.


Basket + Fun New Book

Down to Earth 

Basket + Fun New Book + Pretty Artificial Flowers

home decorating tips 

Basket + Fun New Book + Pretty Artificial Flowers + Totally Awesome Tea Towel Bundle

tea towels 

Basket + Fun New Book + Pretty Artificial Flowers + Totally Awesome Tea Towel Bundle + Sign Time

mother's day ideas 

Basket + Fun New Book + Pretty Artificial Flowers + Totally Awesome Tea Towel Bundle + Sign Time + Cutest Coasters

how to design a gift basket 


TRAY TIP: Sample sizes and textures. The book is the largest, so it’s at the base. With the largest item in place, you can have fun staggering smaller things on top. Have fun using different textures, like the felt pom coaters and soft silk flowers paired with the wood sign and straight edge of the tea towels. 


For the mom who loves to entertain, this idea will get a five-star review! Give her a charcuterie board in the making, complete with a book on the subject.

cutting board 

cool books to give as gifts

Cutting Board + Entertaining Read

 how to style a charcuterie board

Cutting Board + Entertaining Read + Pretty Spring/Summer Towel

2022 kitchen trends 

Cutting Board + Entertaining Read + Pretty Spring/Summer Towel + Elegant Vase

 unique gifts for mother's day

TRAY TIP: Don’t stop at a gorgeous vase. Visit Simply Flowers and fill the vase with an impressive arrangement of fresh flowers.

Simply Flowers



On this one, instead of going big OR going home, we’re going big FOR the home! This impressive serving tray would make an eye-catching coffee table piece. Style it for Mom with other focal point pieces.

decorating using wood 

Tray + Books?

Nope. These “books” are actually stylish boxes. So long obnoxious remotes and other eyesores. They now have a covert place to call home.

cool gift ideas to try for mom 

Tray + (not) Books + Fresh (looking) Flowers

A vase of artificial blooms is always a great idea!

book boxes 

Tray + (not) Books + Fresh (looking) Flowers + Chunky Chain

Create movement across your display by draping a decorative piece, such as this off-the-chains… chain. 

how to style a coffee table


Want to take this already next-level gift to… well, the next level? Why not surprise Mom with a little dingdong ditch action and a NEW door mat? The assortment at Down to Earth will knock your socks off. Select a favorite (or layer a couple!), place the mat outside Mom’s door, put your styled tray on the mat, ring the bell, and… RUN! Or not. You could also wait in the wings and witness your special lady’s delight when she opens the door and finds your heartfelt surprise.

spring doorstep design 

Clearly, this is a fun way to treat Mom to a gift she'll remember. Stop by Down to Earth to discuss even more tray options and find your perfect serving soon! Find more ways to treat Mom this Mother's Day here

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