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Gardner Village Blog Have Your ELF a Merry Little Christmas! (The elves are back!)
Tuesday Nov 22 2016

Woot! Do you hear that? Listen carefully. I think it’s the sound of a train whistle blowing in the distance. Or maybe it’s sleigh bells I hear. It must be one or the other, because the Gardner Village Elves are back in town for Christmas 2016!

Wanting to get a jump on Christmas preparations, Santa sent some of his North Pole companions our way to set up shop. This year's Moonlight Madness Sale, which took place last Saturday, November 19th, 2016 was their official debut. They didn't waste any time, either. As soon as they arrived, they quickly got to work.


They can be found sorting Santa’s incoming mail…



Testing the latest toys to come out of The Workshop… 



Decking the halls…


Baking goods--after all, Santa has to keep his energy up over the next few weeks. A few extra cookies don't hurt... 


Mending Santa's suits...

Even keeping a watchful eye on those little girls and boys as they help The Big Man prepare his Naughty and Nice lists.


Where does your name land? (Uh oh, Brooke M.! Why doesn't this suprise me?) ;) 


But an Elf’s time in The Village isn’t all work. They manage to fit in some fun, rest, and shenanigans while they’re at it.



Now’s your chance to come by and see everything these little loves are up to. Bring the family and make a game out of it by also downloading our Elf Scavenger Hunt form. After all, it's all fun and games at The Village when the Elves are in town!


Or enjoy a memorable night out with the one you love. There are plenty of spots to stop for an Elf Selfie—#elfie! Upload your pics, tag, and share. We love to see your #elfie adventures! (Don't worry; I asked this cute couple if I could barge in on their moment. The things I do for this blog. LOL They were very kind and happy to recreate their #elfie kiss for my camera. Thank you, romantic strangers!) 


My hat is off to the newest addition to the Christmas Village…

A GIANT Santa hat, sitting atop our water tower! Like an air traffic control tower, this hat acts as a beacon, making it easy for Santa and his reindeer to guide the sleigh in and pick up their pals when Christmas is upon us. 


But Santa and his team won’t be back to pick up the elves just yet. You have until December 24 to enjoy this FREE holiday display. Besides the awesome Elf Displays, the shops come alive with the sweetest window displays and an excellent assortment of unique gift ideas!

If you haven’t been to The Village after dark, it’s worth adding an evening trip to your holiday tradition. The lights are lovely, the hot chocolate is, well, hot, and the baked goods are divine. 


It's definitely a sweet place to be. 

As this cute family proves, it's full of unique photo ops, traditions to observe, and memories to be made!

Have yourELF a merry little Christmas, now! 

Megan Hoeppner

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