Gardner Village Blog Happy Pioneer Day: Utah History at Gardner Village
Tuesday Jul 19 2016

This Pioneer Day, we pause to remember one of Utah's original pioneers, Archibald Gardner. Not only is he a rich part of Gardner Village history but also state history.

Gardner helped settle Utah in 1847 and later went on to open the first flour mill in West Jordan, Utah, in 1853. Gardner had impecable business sense and quickly outgrew that original mill. That's when he built a new, larger mill in 1877, which remains on Gardner Village property to this day. 

Take a walk through Archibald's Restaurant and CF Home, and you'll see aspects of the mill still visible and on display. Wouldn't it be cool to come for dinner this Pioneer Day weekend (closed Sunday) and celebrate our state's history while also surrounding yourself in a well preserved piece of our past? Come for the steak, stay for the history. ;) 

While you're at it, have some fun while you leard about our state's history. We've got a historic scavenger hunt that will make your trip extra entertaining. Get the hunt info here.

Just in time for Pioneer Day, we've given the mill a facelift. You'll find a fresh coat of paint on the outside and gorgous interior updates. (Check out this post for more on the interiror transformation.) Plus, there's a new menu that's a wonderful blend of the timeless classics and new delicious additions. 


Here's a peek at the transformation that's still in progress. This fall, Archibald's is scheduled to open a new plaza dining space, so you can sit out by the gorgeous water wheel and enjoy your lunch or dinner under the clouds.  








Don't worry, Gardner Village cares deeply about the mill's heritage and works daily to see that it's preserved for future generations to experience. The updates are simply cosmetic changes to the exterior to make room for more guests and create a unique dining atmosphere in our community. And the construction is minimal, so you can come for your Pioneer Day celebration without interuption. After all, nothing says "celebrate" like freshly made dessert. Enjoy a bite as you raise your glass to our great state. Thanks, Archibald Gardner and fellow pioneers, for all you did and sacrifice to make Utah the place we call home. 


Megan Hoeppner

P.S. Click here to view a unique photo tour of Archibald's. 


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