Gardner Village Blog Happy Camper Deli & Bakery Now OPEN!
Wednesday Sep 8 2021

Hello, Campers! Ready for some freshly-made fixin’s and a little great-outdoors ambiance? The Happy Camper Deli & Bakery is now open at Gardner Village.

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Co-owners Andrea and Marc actually started as personal partners, whose shared love of camping brought them together. With PhDs in human genetics, they both spent much time in labs, so the fresh air and time spent together outdoors provided a lovely change of pace. Sooo...  How’d they go from test tubes to turkey sandwiches?

“After years of working in labs, we were ready for a change,” Marc explained. “I always wanted a restaurant and liked cooking, but I don’t consider myself a 'chef.' One thing I do know is sandwiches. In fact, whenever asked what I’d have on a deserted island, my answer is and always has been 'sandwiches!'"


Marc took his love of food housed between slices of bread and started making a plan. After convincing Andrea to join him, the two embarked on their deli journey. Believe it or not, their first location was actually a converted horse trailer. Later, they upgraded to their VERY happy vintage camper, which they still use today.


“It’s exciting adding this brick and mortar location,” Marc said. “We’re thrilled to expand our menu and meet new customers!”



“We like to say ours is THE BEST sandwich you’ll have all day,” Marc laughed. “You know, a little dad-joke humor.”

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After seeing the food they prepare, we’re willing to bet your order will be the best you’ve had in a while. Many of their dishes are created using locally-sourced ingredients, supporting our state and ensuring freshness! You'll find cheese and meats from Cache County, bread made in house, and produce grown and delivered daily by a local company in West Jordan. No wonder their wide assortment of sandwiches, delicious salads, and yummy pizzas bring on the happy! 

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Of course, we can’t forget the bakery aspect. You’re in for a treat with such staples as cupcakes and dessert bars, as well as eclairs, coffee cake and seasonal surprises.

 gourmet cupcakes

Happy Camper is also your spot for ice cream, coffee,  gorgeous artisan bread, and, of course, Utah's favorite... take-and-bake rolls!

 artisan bread

Add a little extra happy into your day and stop by soon. Whether you order “the best sandwich you’ll have today” or one of their many other mouth-watering menu options, you’ll be glad you did!

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