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Tuesday Aug 23 2016

Why, hello there, sunshine! Do you know what time it is?

That’s right, it’s time for another Shop Spotlight, which means we get to take a detailed look inside one of our Gardner Village stores to learn more about it and see what’s available (dibs on the little heart dish!).

Today, we tour Layers Bedding!

No, but seriously. I did purchase one of the sweet heart dishes (above) while in this time. It’s bitty and cute and fits in the palm of my hand. *swoon Did you know Layers Bedding has more to offer than just bedding? Beyond my sweet ring dish, you’ll find a variety of pretty little platters throughout the store.


The tiny dishes are sitting on top of pretty furniture—neat nightstands, charming chests of drawers, and more. That’s because Layers also offers select furnishings direct to you. You’ll come across very on trend designs that aren’t going to be seen just anywhere. Isn’t this headboard awesome? It has a matching nightstand. I want it all.


Meet the Manager

The eye behind the lovelies available at Layers is Georgia. She’s the shop’s manager and lead buyer. As you can see from this pic, she’s cute as a bug, and quite stylish in an unassuming, classy way. It’s no wonder the items she brings in are so sophisticated and fresh.


But for as cool as Georgia is, she’s also kind, hard working, and willing to help you find the perfect pieces for your home. This girl knows her stuff and always has great ideas to suggest. I speak from experience. So far, she’s helped me decorate my bedroom, my daughter’s room, my other daughter’s nursery, and our living room. We have a long way to go throughout our home, but the areas where she’s helped are so classy and beloved. Thanks, Georgia! 


Save Me from Pillow Overload! 

That make-it-perfect-for-you attitude is reflected in each of the wonderful team members who work with Georgia. I snapped this pic of Maddi (on right), who was helping Alisa (left) with a common dilemma—what Alisa called pillow overload. lol “Help me avoid pillow overload,” she said. “My husband is over putting dozens of pillows on and off the bed, but I still want something pretty.” This caught my ear because I can so relate (and I do a mean job of eavesdropping when working on Shop Spotlight posts). ;)


Pillow overload! I love it! And I loved watching Maddi tear apart the display bed and then reset it with fewer pillows until Alisa found something she loved. I saw the staff do this same kind of thing for multiple customers while I was in. They’d take beds apart and remake them, offering different suggestions and ideas until guests saw what the perfect outcome. I also overheard this being reffered to as "musical pillows" (again, I’m an eavesdropper—you’ve been warned). It's such fun to watch different bed ideas come to life. You’re not going to get this kind of service inside a basic department store. 


Quilts by Color

You also won’t find this volume of bedding options elsewhere. Layers was formerly known as The Village Quilt Shop. Don’t let the name change full you. It still specializes in gorgeous specialty quilts. For the most part, they’re organized by color in various groupings throughout the store, making it easy to find something that complements your space.


The rest of the “layers” are there, too. Fab shams and pillow covers for pillows of many sizes and shapes...

Terrific throw pillows… (don't you want a hanging shelf like this in your home? me too!)

Divine throws…


And even specialty, high performance pillow options so you can rest wonderfully on your new bedding!


More Beyond the Bed

Look above the bed, and you’ll see a wonderful bunch of lights and wall art. My very favorite piece in my home is one my girls and their pop bought me for Mother’s Day this year from Layers. It’s one of these minimalistic, scripted designs in a wood frame. There are so many pretty ones to choose from, as well as decorative pillows in the same style. Looks like my next several Mother’s Days are all figured out. Yay!


This one says, "You make me happy when skies are gray." Indeed you do!

Baby, Baby

I mentioned having items for my baby’s nursery from Layers. You’ll find the cutest baby things, including excellent gift ideas. 


And I love the way my decorative pillow looks in my daughter’s rocker! There are so many happy choices, no matter your color scheme or style. 

Don't forget to pamper that new mama (or you!). There's a yummy skin care line in store.


And the laundry epements you'll need to keep your prized purchases looking, smelling, and feeling new and gorgeous! 


Decorating Advice from Georgia

Georgia has been at this for a long time, and the girl knows her stuff. Here’s a tip she has for you when it comes to preparing your bedding. Go with neutrals for the main pieces, such as your quilt. A good quilt can be an investment. It’s something you want to last a long time without feeling tired or old. The classic neutrals at Layers are unique and chic but also timeless and soothing. 


With your more neutral foundation, you can incorporate pops of color in your accessories. This is a more affordable approach and an easy way to keep your space feeling fresh from season to season, year to year. Great advice!


Holiday Happenings

Speaking of seasonal, did you know Layers also carries holiday items? With the fall fiestas right around the corner, you’ll find happy Halloween and Thanksgiving pieces on display right now. 


Come in now, and you can also take advantage of the August sale that’s still going on. 


All in the Details

Layers doesn’t skimp on the details. From the tiniest of tassels to the bumpiest of textures, the pieces here are beautifully made and don’t cut corners where detail is concerned. 


Trend Forecast

Interested in the up and coming for fall? Georgia and her team say it’s going to be all about the chunky knits. At last, a time when “chunky” means cool—I’m in! 

And I want to be in this bed. Isn’t it cozy and captivating? No wonder the knits have it. They make a space feel inviting. 


There's More Upstairs

Come on into Layers and see what catches your eye. Don’t forget, they have an upstairs. 


It’s where you’ll find an entire floor of furniture, home decor, and bedding, seriously marked down. Yeehaw! 


Let the Layering Begin!

Take a trip to Layers. You’re going to find things you love. I promise. The assortment is huge and fab. The staff is kind and helpful, cheerfully going above and beyond to make your vision for a space become a reality. And the room ideas on display throughout the store are inspiring. So even if you aren’t quite sure what it is you want, you’re going to fill your possibilities plate with many delicious options. The hardest part (again, speaking from experience) will be narrowing down those choices to your lucky list of pieces to go home with you. 


On Insta

Want to see more from Layers? I don’t blame you! It’s eye candy at its finest! Check out their Instagram account to see the latest and share pics of pieces you’ve picked up from the shop that now call your space home. They love seeing where their items end up and how you make them yours.

See You Soon

Happy shopping! I hope to see you in Layers sometime soon. 

Megan Hoeppner

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