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Wednesday May 4 2022

It’s often said one shouldn’t reinvent the wheel. That isn’t the case at Gardner Village. Where wheels once turned to power one of the earliest flour mills in Utah, they now turn to both honor that history and add to the historic atmosphere.

The MILL-ion Dollar Idea

Okay, so perhaps Nancy Long’s idea to purchase the old abandoned mill in 1979 wasn’t a “MILLion dollar idea,” but it did pave the way for a thriving business that remains in her family to this day, 42 years later.

Nancy has since retired but, in doing so, sold The Village to two of her very capable children, Angie Gerdes and Joe Long.

This talented sibling duo considers it a tremendous honor to operate a business that supports so many employees as well as other small businesses. As you can see from these photos, under their care, the property continues to evolve and uncover new potential, giving guests reasons to not only visit often but also celebrate special occasions, traditions, and weddings here!

Perhaps one day Angie and Joe will hand the wheel over. For now, they can’t imagine being anywhere but here, doing anything other than this work they love.


Let's Turn the Wheel Back

We know the modern-day history of this beloved Utah destination, but what about its origin story. It’s rich with Utah history. The mill that is now home to Archibald’s Restaurant and CF Furniture & Design began its life as a flour mill, built by one of the original pioneer settlers, Archibald Gardner.


Clearly, Archibald and his crew, including his brother Robert, knew what they were doing when they built the West Jordan Flour Mill back in 1877, as the walls remain standing today, landing this destination on the National Historic Register and a Utah Historic Site.


Believe it or not, fixtures from that era are still on display throughout the mill and the rest of The Village today. As much as we know you love visiting for the comfort food and latest in home décor and gifts, it’s worth the trip to Archibald’s and CF just for the unique history lesson. Look for old gears and design fixtures, as well as sales and display pieces.


While you’re at it, mill around The Village and see other interesting history on display in the form of monuments and plaques detailing the history of the relocated buildings located throughout the property.


Now is THE time to come see it all for yourself. The trees are blossoming, the spring flowers are in bloom, and the weather is just right. Enjoy the fresh air and this one-of-a-kind destination with your family, friends, or that special someone. Wheel be seein’ ya soon!

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