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Tuesday Aug 15 2017

Gardner Village wasn’t always the "village" you see today. There was a time it was an old flour mill, sitting on otherwise open land. 

Gardner Mill


It took founder Nancy Long’s vision, much hard work, and even a small newspaper ad to make The Village what it is today. Yes, a classified! This bitty newsclipping made a BIG impact on how The Village came to be. To honor that, it's now framed and hanging on the wall in the management office located at the north end of the property. 

gardner village newspaper clipping

You see, many of the sweet shops that call The Village home were once located elsewhere in the state. The owners of those buildings didn’t want to see them fade away with the passing of time, so they responded to this ad, offering up their small piece of Utah history, thrilled it meant preserving something that was special to them for years to come and for many more to enjoy!

original naborhood bakery

Relocating the buildings was no small task. Great care went into making the moves happen. And great care continues in keeping the sites looking spectacular all these years later. In the pic above, you can see the Naborhood Bakery being driven to its new home. Here's the bakery today.

naborhood bakery gardner village

utah bakery and diner

Check out a few more of the transformations that have taken place over the years! 

Plum Dandy

original plum dandy shop

plum dandy at gardner village

Willow Hill Yarn Company

willow hill yarn co original building

willow hill yarn company

Lulu's Boutique

gardner village history lulus boutique

gardner village lulus boutique

M Soaps

gardner village heritage

m soaps at gardner village

Camera Shy

original camera shy building

camera shy at gardner village

Storybook Nook

storybook nook original cabin

storybook nook at gardner village

Nearly every building on the property has a small metal sign outside describing its story and past. Strolling through The Village to see this living history of Utah is a cool way to step back in time and see what life was like here before the day of office buildings and condos. 

cottage retreat day spa

You can even turn your trip back in time into a game by printing the Gardner Village Historic Scavenger Hunt forms before you come. It's a free family activity available year 'round.

 utah free family activities

Of course, not every building on the property comes from elsewhere in Utah. Some of the unique structures were built on site. In order for those shops to complement the eclectic Village style, these buildings were also designed with a feel of yesteryear in mind. 

barn building 

Down to Earth

Down to Earth/Gardner Village Management Offices Today

down to earth at gardner village

utah furniture store

Pine Needles also has a unique history. It was a grain storage building that was on site with the Gardner Mill.

pine needles history

A few structural updates and a makeover later, and it's now the cutest fabric shop around!

pine needles at gardner village

As quickly as our community is evolving, it’s a special treat to be able to pause and take in a space, conveniently located in the heart of West Jordan, that protects history. Not only does it protect it, it preserves it. Each shop is meticulously cared for, including maintenance, updated finish work (paint, siding, roofing, etc.), and even gorgeous landscaping. The space evolves with the times while maintaining the original integrity. That's no small feat. Let the home of Archibald's Restaurant, CF Home, and Mill Plaza give you an idea. It's a neat visual timeline, representing what The Village is all about. 

early utah history

archibalds restaurant


CF Home archibalds restaurant

mill plaza event space in utah

Keeping even the oldest of buildings looking their best and creating a welcoming atmosphere for the community is so important. Spoiled Rotten Children's Boutique is another to get a brand new ‘do. Isn’t the purple color fresh and fun?

spoiled rotten childrens boutique 

The sweet space across the way from Spoiled Rotten is in the middle of a face lift of its own, preparing to welcome a new shop! Keep your eye on the blog for more details to come and the grand building reveal soon. 

 simply flowers at gardner village

Gardner Village is proof; Utah has a rich, varied history. From the VERY early pioneer economoy and old cabins to the time of railroad development and the cute bungalow era, our state has undergone quite a transformation. The Village is like a sampling of that transformation, well preserved and welcoming for you to enjoy and experience. The weather right now is perfect! Stop by sometime soon and experience this memorable (and fun!) history tour for yourself. 

gardner village history

 shops at gardner village

Megan Hoeppner

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