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Tuesday Jan 24 2017

Last year, Down to Earth at Gardner Villlage offered a free interior design class. I'm thrilled to share that due to popular demand, classes are being offered again this year. Yay!

This class isn't about the "rules" of design. You aren't going to receive a lecture on why your coffee table is outdated and brings shame to your family. This class is about one simple yet powerful concept...

How to make your house the perfect home for a your family. 

Instructors will go over a full design transformation, starting from the ground up. You'll see how a blank canvas transformed into a home that works for its family. This means that no no matter where you happen to be in your desgin process, you can pick up and gather helpful pointers. You'll walk away with a better understanding of how to make your space work for your family's unique needs and wants. 

Down to Earth has a brand new classroom space, which means more room for you and your friends to gather! Come with friends, your partner, or all on your own. Enjoy tasty refreshments, receive helpful handouts, and take in the presentation.

Class time will include a Q/A session as well as one-on-one time with the instructor after class. If you have a specific design question or area that is causing you trouble, bring a picture and/or a question and feel free to ask the Down to Earth experts. They're so knowledgable, have years of design experience and training, and they're always happy to help! 

Free Design Classes at Down to Earth

When: The classes are being offered four times during February and then again in May, August and November:

* Thursday, Feb. 16 @ 5pm

* Saturday, Feb. 18 @ 10am

* Thursday, Feb. 23 @ 5pm

* Saturday, Feb. 25 @ 10am

Where: Down to Earth at Gardner Village

RSVP: Even with the new classroom area, space is limited. It's wise to call or visit the store to reserve your spot. 801.984.4105

Price: Free!!

Bonus: All students will receive 25% off accessories the day of their class. Down to Earth will even stay open after class on Thursday evenings so you can take advantage of this offer and enjoy some private shopping! 

This is one class I want to get in on, so perhaps I'll see you there. I sure hope so. 2017 seems like a great time to get the space beneath your roof feeling like a beautiful home for your family. 

Megan Hoeppner


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