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Gardner Village Blog Five Spring Bedding Trends You'll Love
Wednesday Feb 16 2022

Toss out those common décor misconceptions. When it comes to making a spring statement with your bedding, Layers Bedding is here with a permission-granted approach that’s as freeing as it is inspiring.  


BED 1: Make Velvet Spring Ready

The buzz is… FUZZ! Velvet, to be exact. This textured treat, often thought of as a winter staple, is very on trend at the moment, making it a year-round option. For a spring feel, opt for a lighter color, like this luscious pink, or pair any shade with a lighter counterpart, such as bright white.

 velvet bedding

Bonus Tip: Linen is a winnin'! Linen is an excellent option for a fabric that transitions beautifully from spring to summer. It layers well. It washes well. It lasts a long time. No wonder we can't get enough of the stuff. Isn't this white linen lumbar pillow perfection?

spring 2022 trends

BED 2: Knit… Always a GREAT Fit

Another excellent example of winter meets spring? Knits! You can keep your heavier winter knits (like these divine Dutch Euro white pillows) on the bed into spring.

spring prints and colors

The key is lightening the mood with other spring things. Maybe that’s a light green or a cute pink pattern like gingham, or perhaps it’s a knit/flower combo. Any way you pair it, knit is a hit!

Layers Bedding 

BED 3: Jewel Tones

Earth tones are often thought of as fall colors, but they can just as easily be embraced in the spring. The trick? Pair them with a bright white and/or a spring print, such as florals.

jewel tones in the bedroom 

2022 Budget Friendly Tip: Invest in a few gorgeous jewel/earth tones (teal, mustard, etc.), and simply swap out your neutrals from season to season.

bold bedding 

BED 4: Green for Spring

Just because it’s still muted outside doesn’t mean you can’t bring the green in. Green is a gorgeous color any time of year, but it’s especially refreshing in the spring. Plus, it pairs so well with so many shades!

earth tones 

BED 5: Don’t Fear the Dainty

Whimsical patterns (like this bird/floral pillow) aren’t just for children’s rooms. If you fall in love with a traditionally-youthful print, don’t hesitate. It can totally work in an adult space. The key is to surround the design with more sophisticated textures and tones.

whimsical patterns 

TIP: The Swiss dot pattern on the white quilt is a crowd pleaser when it comes to adding a splash of sophistication with year-round appeal.  

design tips for bedding


Let’s recap!

  • Heavier textures (velvet, knits, etc.) and deeper colors (jewel tones, earthy hues, etc.) can easily transition from winter to spring with the help of a spring color, bright neutral, and/or a spring print.
  • This spring, we’re turning up the volume on color. Don’t be afraid to play. Two colors that continue to top the charts are pink and terra cotta.
  • Bring spring indoors with layers of green and pretty garden-inspired patterns.
  • Linen is always a good idea. It layers well, working as an excellent transition piece going from spring to summer.

Enjoy making an inviting spring bed that works for YOU. With this permission-granted approach, it's easier than ever to create the bed of your dreams here at Layers Bedding in West Jordan, Utah. 

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