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Wednesday Nov 10 2021

Just in time for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, the pumpkin play continues with two crafts that will add a festive fall touch to your home. Whether you make these now to decorate for the season or you choose to do them on Thanksgiving as a fun family activity, you’re going to have a great time putting your pumpkins together!


Get the kids in on this one. It’s fun for all ages. And with the various ways you can dress it up or down, you can make it as simple or complex as you like.

super bulky yarn 


  • 1 Skein (64 yards) of Super Bulky Yarn from Willow Hill Yarn Company
  • Paper Mache Pumpkin (available at local craft stores — this one, which measures 7” tall and a 31” circumference, is from Hobby Lobby)
  • Elmer’s Craft Glue
  • Hot Glue & Gun
  • J Crochet Hook (crochet step optional)
  • Paint (we used gold spray paint, but acrylic paint would also work)
  • Twine (optional)
  • Heavyweight Paper (Cardstock or Cardboard)


STEP 1: Paint the stem of your pumpkin.

 make your own thanksgiving decorations

STEP 2: Measure yarn to stretch the length of your pumpkin and trim.

 yarn wrapped pumpkin

STEP 3: Adhere yarn strips to your pumpkin, starting in the pumpkin crevices and working your way in. For the crevices, a drop of craft glue should do the trick. As you work your way in with the smaller strips, hot glue helps to really secure everything in place.

simple crafts for kids

STEP 4: For added texture, crochet a chain (this one is 30-40 chain stitches). Adhere the chain to the pumpkin crevice. Repeat for every crevice. If you’re unfamiliar with crochet, you could also braid yarn strips for this step.

crochet pumpkin


This pumpkin has a cute, now painted, stem, so it doesn’t need anything else to feel complete. That said, the twine tied around does bring in more texture and add to the fall feel. You could also use the small amount of leftover yarn you’ll likely have to create a yarm pom or to chain another strip for the stem. Here are a few additional pumpkin project ideas at Willow Hill Yarn Company to put you creative wheels in motion:

crochet pumpkin projects

knit pumpkins

 Willow Hill Yarn Company


You have a couple of different how-to approaches on these gorgeous gourds. You can either check out the step-by-step flick below, which explains how these were made, or you can get a pattern at Pine Needles.

 Pine Needles

DIY fabric pumpkins

Pine Needles is full of beautiful fabric options, so you can take this project in so many striking directions!

fat quarters

 fall fabric by Moda

You’ll also find plenty of other pumpkin/fall-inspired project kits and patterns available at Pine Needlespumpkin embroidery

Pop some corn and grab your favorite fall fabrics. This quick flick will get you even more excited to make your own perfect pumpkins! 


We’ve enjoyed planting a few fall project ideas in your creative garden today. Thanks for stopping by. If you decide to make any of these and happen to share them on Social Media, we hope you’ll tag us so we can see how you’ve taken these ideas and made them your own. Happy pumpkin play!

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