Gardner Village Blog Do You Believe In Magic? The Woodland Fairies Are Here!
Wednesday May 19 2021

We’ve entered an extra enchanting season here at Gardner Village. With the blossoming trees and blooming flowers, the Woodland Fairies enjoy a little spring fling of their own. It’s the one time of year they lift the curtain that otherwise keeps them concealed, giving humans a glimpse into their whimsical world. The trick to witnessing the wonder of it all? Belief in magic. 

Believing = Seeing!

Good news! We have an in with a close friend of the Woodland Fairies — Tyler! He and our small team (Kerri, Levi and Lauren) have been lending a hand to the Woodland Fairies as they prepare for their annual spring soirée. With that insider access, we’ve been granted an all-access pass to the viewing party.




“The Woodland Fairies were experiencing some growing pains, so we’ve spread their homes and dwellings out across The Village,” Tyler said. “Besides giving them more room to spread their wings, we love knowing that the changes and growth will keep everything feeling fresh and new for returning guests who make a point of visiting each year.”




The Woodland Fairies aren’t the only ones enjoying the houseguests. Their neighbors, the butterflies, have landed throughout The Village for the first time this year, adding to the ambiance of it all!  


“Since we last saw our Woodland Fairy friends, they’ve added more toadstools and even wishing wells to their surroundings,” Tyler added. “It’s a great time to stop by and make a wish.”



Speaking of wishes, you don’t want to miss The Wishing Bridge. It’s your chance to share your heart’s desire with the fairies. Getting your wish across as you cross (the bridge) is easy. The Woodland Fairies have even provided easy-to-follow instructions.





We’re celebrating the Woodland Fairies with several free activities for the family, including the A-to-Z Fairy Quest. Think you have the fairy-finding skills it takes to find all 26? The first sign to begin your quest is located in the center court area by the stage.


Beyond the Quest, you’ll find fairy details all over Gardner Village. It’s like one giant fairy garden this time of year, which is so much fun.

“We’ve helped our Woodland Fairies hide surprises throughout The Village,” Tyler explained. “It’s pretty hard to miss The Gardner Village Witches and Elves, but the fairies are smaller, creating more of a challenge. We can’t wait for guests to experience the small details tucked away for them to enjoy!”



This is only the beginning of the fairy fun we have in store. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates and check back here on the blog next week for more of what you can expect.



“Our Woodland Fairies are something all ages and multiple generations can enjoy experiencing together,” Tyler said. “It’s a great reason to get out in the fresh air and enjoy some time together as a family.”



Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the enchantment for yourself. The window into the Woodland Fairies’ world is only open for a limited through June 26, 2021. Come by with and see what kind of magic reveals itself to you!

Learn more about the Woodland Fairies at Gardner Village here. 

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