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Wednesday Nov 23 2022

There’s a lot we *think we know about elves. They’re small and have pointed ears. They live at the North Pole and spend their days making toys. They like spending their days on shelves. But what do we reeeeally know about this petite population? Several of Santa’s elves have set up a satellite office right here at Gardner Village, giving us a backstage pass to the REAL elf life. Ready to see what it's all about? Introducing...

Elf Did You Know 

Did you know… elves not only make the toys but also test them? Sure, this sounds fun, but it can actually be a pretty high-risk working environment.

elf scavenger hunt 

Did you know… elves are aware of the risk in their work so much so that they even have their own security team? Of course, the team spends much of its time keeping an eye on THE Jolly Old Elf, himself, but they also keep an eye on the supporting cast. 

 holiday traditions

Did you know… elves are quite athletic? Skiing, ice skating, and snowball fights are some of their fav ways to burn off the milk and cookies.

holiday decorating ideas 

ski utah

north pole

Did you know… the elf diet extends beyond milk and cookies to also include such favorites as hot cocoa and caramel apples? Glad they’re getting those fruits and veggies in somehow. (Do cocoa beans count as a veggie? Legumes? Elves will tell you YES!)

The Chocolate Covered Wagon 

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Did you know… elves work to look this good. The on-site Village barber is kept quite busy.

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Which treatment would you choose?

 elf barber shop

Did you know… elves have to go to school, just like the rest of us?

school of elves 

 Did you know… elves have side hustles? They make excellent matchmakers and tree saleselves. 

best places to go in the Salt Lake area to see holiday lights

kissing bridge 

Sparky's tree lot

Did you know… elves are outdoor enthusiasts? Anything for a GIANT chocolate bar!

 elf camping

Did you know… the Elf Scavenger Hunt is updated from year to year. Get the 2022 version here and bring it with you when you come to visit.

free elf displays

 2022 scavenger hunt

Forgot yours? That’s okay. It can also be accessed using your smart device and the QR code located near the stage in Center Court or on the ramp leading up to Archibald's Restaurant and CF Home. 


Did you know… you can look for elves from the seat of our very own holiday train? Visit The Train Shoppe for your ticket to ride the Snowball Express. 

The Train Shoppe 

Did you know… this is only just the beginning? Visit Gardner Village this holiday season and learn even more about our seasonal inhabitants. The scavenger hunt is free and fun for all, whether you come with friends, your family, or your someone special!


Learn more about Christmas in The Village here.

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