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Friday Jan 19 2024

A class all about CHOCOLATE?! It’s true! And it isn’t the only sweet learning experience to found at Gardner Village. You can choose from one-time options or ongoing training, whether you want to learn the tricks of the chocolate trade, a bit about knit (and crochet!), how to finesse a flower, or the intricacies of art, painting, and drawing. Consider this your course catalog and an overview of the learning to love at The Art Cottage, Willow Hill Yarn Company, Chocolate Covered Wagon, and Simply Flowers.


The Art Cottage

Classes: Drawing, Painting, and Special/Private Events

Age/Skill Level: Classes for children, teens, and adults, including beginning courses, one-time events, and ongoing learning.

Learn more here.

A new year is a great time to learn a new skill, and The Art Cottage has you covered in the creative department. Whether you want to make a date of it with your someone special or invest in an on-going learning experience, there are options for children and adults.


With two full-stocked classroom spaces, you’ll have all you need to try your hand at painting, give drawing a go, and more. The instructors are as kind as they are knowledgeable, so you’ll be learning from the best.


Plus, as an added bonus, you can even talk to The Art Cottage about putting your art up for sale in their store if that’s something that interests you.


Willow Hill Yarn Company

Classes: Crochet and Knitting

Skill Level: Something for everybody!

Learn more here.


The numerous classes available at Willow Hill are right on point when it comes to needle arts. Whether you’ve been yearning to know more about yarn or simply want to increase your understanding, they have classes at all skill levels.


Always one to accommodate, they’ll even help you learn about a pattern and yarn you’ve picked up in store, even if you aren’t technically enrolled in a class.


Taking knitting needles or a crochet hook for a test drive might sound stressful or intense, but it isn’t. Not at Willow Hill. The atmosphere is so friendly. You can’t help but feel relaxed. Plus, not only do you leave with a new talent, you leave with new friends. That’s just the kind of community they have here. It feels like a home away from home!


Here’s a look at just a few of the many class types offered at Willow Hill. Check out their website for the complete lineup. Don't see the exact class you're looking for? Chat with the friendly staff and shop owner Emily. They're so accommodating and want to help you find joy in the world of yarn. 



Chocolate Covered Wagon

Class: Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!

Age/Skill Level: All ages and levels!

Learn more by calling 801.938.1963


Welcome to this fine-food academy. Here, you’ll learn the history of chocolate and… aww, who are we kidding? This class is all about playing with your food. More specifically, your CANDY!


Of course, they do sneak some learning in. You get to see how taffy is made using an old-fashioned taffy pull machine. And you then get to try your hand at pulling your own sticky concoction.


You also discover how chocolate can actually work as an adhesive as you set to work designing your chocolate-covered wagons using cream-filled sponge cake, candy, cookies, and other delights.

Of course, Chocolate Covered Wagon is known for more than just its delicious chocolate and taffy. Their caramel apples are also legendary. If you opt to do so, you can add a lesson on apple decorating on to your course and have fun bringing your fruit to life.


You never know what kind of artistic masterpiece you’ll walk away with!


Let’s Fleurish by Simply Flowers

Classes: Floral Arranging and Special Events

Age/Skill Level: Primarily suited to young adults and adults, but well-supervised kiddos are welcome. No prior experience necessary.

Learn more here.


“All flowers, no fillers.” That’s the motto at Simply Flowers, and it’s evident in their floral design classes. You get to pick from various beautiful, in-season blooms and put them together in an arrangement that is perfectly suited to you. This is a great activity to do for a girls’ night out or even a date night.


Speaking of date nights, this is the best kind of Valentine’s Day gift. Instead of giving someone a bouquet, why not gift them the experiences of a class where they can make their own? There’s a special Galentine’s Day event happening soon. Learn more on the Let’s Fleurish website.


Sure, it’s only January, but it’s never too early to start thinking about Mom. Be one of the first to snag a spot in the Mom-n-Me class. It’s yet another way to give the gift of learning and togetherness.


Depending on your group size, you can also ask about private events.


Want to stay up on the latest events and classes being offered at Simply Flowers? The best approach is to follow them on Instagram. With a feed full of flowers, you’ll be glad you did! 

To learn more about all classes offered at Garnder Village, visit our Classes page. There's something for nearly every creative (and taste!) interest. Discover your new passion with us soon. 

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