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Wednesday Apr 12 2023

Complimentary design consultations are now available at Down to Earth. That’s right! You can sign up for a free 15-minute consultation with an expert. Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or simply want to update your space, this is a great place to start. After all, going at it alone can be overwhelming. Sometimes having that second opinion is all it takes to take your project from concept to completion. Why not make that second opinion that of an expert? 

free design help in Utah


Have your consultation right from the comfort and convenience of your home with a phone-in or on-screen/Zoom appointment. (If you’d rather stop in for a face-to-face discussion, that’s an option as well. Simply call the store to discuss options at 801.984.4105 Clearly, there’s something for everyone looking for a little help getting their project underway. Here’s what to expect and how you can schedule.


STEP 1: Book Your Appointment

Simply sign up on the Down to Earth website using the appointment calendar.

schedule a design consultation 

Once you've selected your date, choose from the available times.

down to earth website

From there, it's as easy as filling in three fields to complete the sign-up process. 

easy sign up

Don’t see a date or time that works for you? No worries. Give the store a call and discuss additional options.



STEP 2: Speak With a Pro

At your scheduled time, one of our trained designers will connect with you to go over your specific project and needs.

zoom design appointments 

Ideally, your appointment will happen virtually to see screens; but again, a phone-in selection is also okay if preferred.

phone options available

Once you’ve had your free consultation, you can discuss next steps. Whether that be working with one of our designers in store or having the designer meet you at your home. Designers can pull swatches and give you real examples of what your look will be like when pulled together as an ensemble.

design swatches

Many items available at Down to Earth are customizable beyond what you see in the store. This means unique fabric choices, custom furniture orders, special rug requests, and more!

how to remodel your home

Looking for more inspiration? A simple trip to Down to Earth is an excellent place to start. New pieces arrive weekly, and the store is frequently getting updated to showcase fresh ideas and on-trend looks to try in your home.

Down to Earth 

Book your complimentary design consultation today. It’s the first step towards turning your dream home into a reality.

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