Gardner Village Blog Celebrating Four Years at Willow Hill with a DIY Wreath Project and Prizes
Wednesday Jan 6 2021

This year marks the four-year anniversary of Willow Hill Yarn Company at Gardner Village. And what a lovely four years it’s been, too! Emily Dern, the shop’s vibrant owner, brings such joy to all she does, creating a welcoming, calm, creative space for those new to needle arts and seasoned artists alike.

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“It has been an adventure I never expected to be on,” Emily remarked. “I’m glad I took the chance on it. After this year, it’s been very humbling to see the support I’ve received. I’m continuously amazed by the people who support my shop and me.”


Before assuming ownership, Emily worked at the darling shop, Kamille's, for many years. It’s no wonder she has such a loyal following and support system now. Like Emily, many of her employees have worked at the small store for years. It’s a place that feels like home.


Willow Hill Yarn CompanySpeaking of home, Emily has a sweet project idea that will add some of that Willow Hill coziness to your home.



Welcome to the pom party. This project is a quick way to fluff up your home décor, using the popular pom pom maker tools available at Willow Hill.

 DIY yarn pom pom wreath

step 1: Open one side of the pom pom maker and wrap the yarn around the entire area until it’s full. Close the wrapped side and repeat on the other side of the maker.

yarn wrapping


TIP: To ensure plenty of pom puff, opt for yarn that’s wool vs. nylon or acrylic.

wool yarn


step 2: Trim the yarn along the tool’s crevice.

creating diy yarn pom poms


step 3: To secure your pom, tightly double-knot a strand of yarn around the center of your pom, wrap the strand around the pom’s center again, going the opposite direct, and tie again.

NOTE: Once you’ve tied your pom off, leave a tail. It will come in handy soon.

how to use the clover pom maker


step 4: Open the pom pom maker tool to release your pretty puff. Trim the edges to shape as desired.

how to create yarn pom poms


step 5: Repeat the pom process until you have enough poms to cover your wreath frame. Using the pom tails, tie the puffs to the wreath. Just like that, you have a happy wreath design for any season or reason.

 how to make a pom pom wreath

TIP: If you don’t have metal wreath base, you can create this project using a variety of other wreath forms, including an embroidery hoop or a straw wreath, or simply cut a wreath shape from cardboard and use hot glue to attach your poms in place.

 DIY wreath ideas

TIP: For added interest, add poms over varying sizes. This wreath was created using four sizes.

clover pom pom maker



To give your wreath a more Valentine’s Day feel, opt for more traditional Cupid hues or swap your round wreath base for a heart shape.

valentines day decor ideas



Want to test drive the pom pom maker? Stop in and Emily or someone on her team will happily give you a quick pom tutorial when you visit to buy your supplies and get started.

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To celebrate four fab years, Willow Hill has special hand-dyed yarn available for a limited time. This Merino Wool Super Wash is a bulky weight and beautiful. Just think of the happy poms you could create with it! There will only be a limited supply available, so you’ll want to unwind with a stop to Willow Hill soon.

hand dyed yarn 

Beyond this gorgeous, handcrafted yarn, Willow Hill has a bunch of new yarn just hitting shelves now, just in time for some winter warmth!



Feeling lucky? Quick, pull on this thread and follow it over to Instagram, where Willow Hill is giving away special anniversary prize packages every Saturday in January. Good luck!



Education is a tie that binds the Willow Hill community. Whether you’re brand new to needle arts or you’ve been practicing crochet and knitting for years, you’ll find classes to enjoy. Start your year off right and try something new. Having a creative outlet is a wonderful form of self care and way to fend off any winter woes that like to creep in this time of year.

 pom pom tutorial


Of course, COVID tends to complicate things, but with a few added safety precautions, we can still have a ball at Willow Hill. For now, classes are capped at two students per class to ensure a small gathering. Seems like the perfect time to get some one-on-one help from some very talented instructors!

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“Even though it was a tough year for people, it was great to see excitement over a hobby and people wanting to learn,” Emily said with a smile. 



Today, we toast Emily and her Willow Hill Yarn Company family, including all of you who’ve shown such loyal support this past year and all of the years leading up to this happy day. Your loving community adds so much to Gardner Village and is sure worth celebrating. Happy four years! Here’s to many more.



P.S. One more wreath tip. Kittens and creating can prove... interesting. Have fun, friends! 

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