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Thursday Jul 28 2016

Calling all campers. It's time for Camp Chocolate! 


That's right, a camp for CHOCOLATE! How's that for a sweet concept? This tasty summer excursion takes place every Tuesday at the Chocolate Covered Wagon in Gardner Village. You can sign up for the 1:00 PM or the 3:00 PM class--or both, depending on how much you love chocolate. ;)


Chocolate Camp 

WHO: Campers ages 4-12 (flexible, so don't hesitate to call if you have children slightly younger or older than these ages)

WHEN: Now through the end of August, 2016

TIME: 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM options

RSVP: Call or visit the Gardner Village location of Chocolate Covered Wagon to reserve your spot

PHONE: 801.938.1963

PRICE: $10 per camper


What exactly is Chocolate Camp? It's an hour-long candy adventure that covers everthing from where chocolate comes from and different ways it can be used in food crafting to dipping delights and even taffy pulling. 


Camp Agenda

Camp counselors welcome young guests with a salt water taffy demonstration. They show how their famous taffy is made...

Wait just a tick... famous taffy? Yes, it was actually featured on the Food Network and even had an olympic pin designed after it. Pretty neat, eh?


Once the taffy demo is complete, campers (and their escorts!) get to pick taffy from the bins of divine flavors.


Time to get down to business. First things first--a hand washing! Followed by a good coat of non-stick spray. Something sticky must be on the horizon! 


Campers then put their taffy knowledge to the test by pulling their own sticky strands.  


But this isn't Camp Taffy. That's just the sweet warmup to the main event. It's now time to talk chocolate. Campers get a look at where chocolate comes from and the process of getting it from a plant to the sweet treat we eat. Cool!

Campers are then equipped with the necessary camping supplies. No magifying glasses or bug spray here. Just plenty of treats for dipping. 


From some of the supplies, attendees create their own tasty chocolate covered wagons and learn how chocolate can act as a glue when getting creative with food. Finally, a glue you can eat!  


The wagon works of art are then chilled...




And devoured!


There are no lakes to dip a toe in at this camp, but there are chocolate pots to dip those fingers in. Oh, and more of the supplies from their camper survival kits. 



Campers dip everything imaginable--sweets, berries, even savory snacks. Yum!


Supplies running low? Camp counselors are always on the ready with more gooey goodness.

Many are caught brown handed (or at least brown fingered). It's not the cleanest of camps. You'll probably want to leave those freshly pressed, white camp uniforms at home and opt for something a little lower risk on the wardrobe scale. 


There's no shortage of messy faces either. Messy and happy! Gives new meannig to the term mess hall, doesn't it?


As things come to a close, camp counselors help their VIPs pack up their knapsacks and prepare for their treks back to civilization. 


Whew! This chocolate business is hard work.

To cool off after working up that sweet sweat, campers are treated to snow cones. 


And all for only $10! It's money very well spent and a time your kiddos will remember long after their sticky fingers are wiped clean. 


Their are only a few weeks of camp left. Call soon to get your spot before camp closes for the summer.


Megan Hoeppner 


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