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Wednesday Nov 3 2021

We’re always sad to see WitchFest end. Fortunately, magic and memories remain, thanks to two special guests who visited Gardner Village for the first time this year AND who traveled across the country to be here.

Meet Pam and Tracy, best friends who, for nearly 30 years, have made a point of seeking out new Halloween-related experiences throughout the country to enjoy together. With such an impressive resume, it comes as a tremendous honor to know that WitchFest tops their list of places visited. Read on to learn why and discover more about their touching tradition of togetherness. 

[Photos and story provided by Pam T. and Tracy A.]

There is nothing better than a girls’ trip every year with your best friend to break through the routine of daily life and revive your inner teenager! We’ve made this time together a priority for nearly 30 years now. Even through the years of raising small children and budding careers, we always found the time, even if just a day, to celebrate our October birthdays and the joys of friendship. What a treat it is that we’re both born in such a Spooktacular month!


Our annual trips usually take us to some haunted spot or ghoulish destination. We’ve even visited the witch capital, Salem, Massachusetts.

 Salem Witch Museum

Another trip to Savannah, Georgia, meant a stay at a haunted spa.

 haunted spa in Georgia

For as memorable and unique as our experiences have been, we can easily say that WitchFest at Gardner Village tops them all. Our recent trip to this popular Utah destination was the most fun we’ve had in years!

 The Witching Bridge

We had never been to Utah and didn’t know what to expect. Immediately upon landing at the airport in Salt Lake City, we were captivated by the gorgeous, snow-capped mountains and majestic scenery. We were immediately in love with Utah, the surroundings and, most of all, Gardner Village!

Gardner Village 

From shopping in the trendy boutiques to the musical shows and dancing in the square after dark, it was truly a fun Halloween-filled, birthday-celebrating, girls’ trip! We even enjoyed witchy makeovers. Here we are before the spellbinding spa treatment…

 Where to go for a girls trip in the US

…And here we are afterwards, posing with Lucinda, one of the longest acting Gardner Village Witches, who happens to be on the souvenir WitchFest puzzle created by Eric Dowdle! We also got to meet Voodoo Velda and Brazzilla. Voodoo, a charming Southern beauty, is the Gardner Village witch who met us and introduced us to others.

Lucinda the Witch 

The only complaint we have is that we didn’t plan more time to enjoy it all. You bet we’ll be back, and we’ll definitely stay longer!

 Voodoo Velda

Pam T. & Tracy A. from Woodstock, Georgia
Friends since 1987


Pam and Tracy, we LOVE that you had such an enchanting encounter at WitchFest 2021. You’ve absolutely put a spell on us with your story of friendship and FUN. Thank you for the beautiful life reminder to always make time for the people and moments that matter the most. We can’t wait to see you again sometime!



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