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Wednesday Nov 15 2023

Don’t get bored of gift giving and decorating… get board! At Down to Earth, it’s all about the cutting boards this season. We have so many unique styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for the perfect hostess gift or you want to easily add some style to your kitchen décor, these looks are going to serve up some serious inspiration!

how to style cutting boards 


With Thanksgiving fast approaching, now’s the time to start thinking hostess gifts. Bring on the boards.

unique hostess gift ideas 

Styling your gift is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1. Use the board as your base.

small cutting board

2. Layer a little something extra.

bridal shower gift idea 

3. And, if you’re feeling fancy, top it off with a third something sweet!

welcome to the neighborhood 

Let’s try that again. This time, we'll add a little seasonal flavor!

1. Your board base.

charcuterie board

2. Our hottest-selling dish towel and overall crowd pleaser. 

Geometry kitchen towel

3. A new holiday decoration for the home. 

 white elephant gift with style

Tie it up with a ribbon and a gift tag and you're all set. 

Want to shake things up like a Christmas snow globe? Try swapping your wood base for a stone version and going taller with a layer.

new home gift 

If it’s a house warming gift you see, candles are always a bright idea!

 house warming gift idea

Clearly, there are no limits when it comes to board combinations you can create.  


The best thing about cutting boards – you know, behind they’re actual usefulness, which is always a great thing – is how they easily add a layer to any kitchen display. They’re thin enough to place with a second item, such as wall art, and they’re pretty enough to enhance the overall look and feel of the home.

how to style open shelving

There’s no way these beauties should be hiding inside a drawer! Stand one up for instant height variation or position it horizontally for a subtler second layer.

kitchen design ideas

how to place art in the kitchen

Placing your board flat on the shelf isn’t the worst idea. Look how it groups this candle trio together and gives this shelf display a lift.

holiday kitchen decorating 

If you’re like your friends at Down to Earth and you can’t stop at just one board, consider grouping your glorious collection together and making it art all on its own.

 variety of cutting boards

Keep size variety in mind. Smaller boards are great when creating a charcuterie for two. Long and lean is just right when serving French bread to the entire crew. Depending on your needs, Down to Earth has your bases covered.

 Down to Earth

Of course, variety is also the spice of life when it comes to bringing your shelves and other display areas to life. Having different shaped boards add interest and fun!

 Comfort A Winter Cookbook

As you can see, cutting boards are anything but boring. They make interesting gifts AND enhance your own space. Cut. It. Out. No wonder we can’t get enough! Can you believe this is only a few of the MANY options currently available at Down to Earth?! Stop by and see for yourself and be the fav guest at your upcoming holiday shindigs.

 minimalist kitchen

Mark Your Calendar

Don’t forget, November 18 is our Saturday Madness Sale and November 25,2023 is Small Business Saturday! Thank you for keeping all of our local businesses in mind as you make your plans. During the holidays and always, your choice to buy local and support our community is felt and makes a difference. What better time to say how much we appreciate you than now, in this thankful season? Thank you, beloved Gardner Village community! We love being a part of your lives and traditions. 

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