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Tuesday Jun 6 2017

The programs are printed…

its a party invite 

The name tags are ready…

 printed nametags

The centerpieces are placed…

floral centerpiece 

The beverages are chilled... 


And every delicious detail is prepared…

 appetizers from Gardner Village

fruit appetizers

dessert display idea 

It’s time to throw open the enormous doors of Mill Plaza and get this party started!

Mill Plaza entrance

party on the plaza 

Wanting to start on a happy note, Gardner Village was delighted to welcome talented Utah influencers to Mill Plaza for one of its first events in this stunning space. The celebration included an evening of dining, fairy finding, shopping, and socializing.

outdoor party venue 

This was one of the very first events in the newly-opened Mill Plaza, and what an event it was! Every detail was divine. 


Guests were welcomed and greeted to an impressive assortment of appetizers. Everything from gourmet salmon and tiny sliders to bitty fruit parfaits and tarts were served.

portabella sliders 

fruit tarts

mini sliders

Guests then entered the enchanting landscape of the Woodland Fairies throughout Gardner Village (on display through June 24).

Photo Booth at gardner village

fairy wings backdrop

woodland fairies

Of course, there was time for shopping, too! 

girls night out in Salt Lake area

Salt Lake area shopping 

shops at gardner village

Some of the shops got in on the action. I even won some free earrings. Thanks The Bead Farm!

The Bead Farm  

There were a few surprise visitors from The Farm, too—real crowd pleasers! It’s hard to resist such loving faces!

The Farm rescue animals 

Time for treats! Back to Mill Plaza for some closing remarks and remarkable desserts from The Naborhood Bakery! 

corporate event space 

macaroons from naborhood bakery

cupcakes from naborhood bakery

Those behind the scenes worked and worked to ensure everything was outstanding, just as they do for every event they host.

wait staff at Mill Plaza 

food staff at Archibalds Restaurant

Two of the many people working behind the scenes to make sure all Gardner Village events go off without a hitch are Javier and Autumn (pictured below). Autumn is the talented manager of Hospitality and Events for The Gathering Place, Mill Plaza, Archibald's Restaurant and the Pavilion at Naborhood Bakery. Javier is the new executive chef for Archibald's Resturant. They make a great team. Well played, friends!

Gardner Village staff 

Then, of course, there are Marcia Johns and Lori Allred, who put this shindig together. They’re amazing women with so much talent to offer!

 marcia johns lori allred

But none of any of this would be possible without Joe Long and Angie Gerdes, the bother/sister team who owns and runs Gardner Village. It is with 100% confidence that I say, you won’t find nicer “small business” owners in Utah. (Though, I wouldn’t call The Village small.) They’re talented, smart people, who carry on their mother’s legacy in fine fashion. They're kind and compassionate and make doing business more personable and fun!  

angie gerdes and joe long gardner village owners 

Because of these friendly faces and all of their hard work (plus the MANY not shown here), the party was a hit! Each guest invited does so much to spread the word about fun things happening around Utah. It was a thrill to see them in action. 

pretty as a picture 

instagram event

water wheel in Utah

party planning in Utah

More than that, it was a treat to visit with them and see what passion they have for what they do. As fun as it is, it’s also work, and our hats are off to them for doing that work with a smile on their faces. They made the night so memorable! Thanks for coming out, friends! 

outdoor party

drinks at archibalds restaurant

blogger party

utah influencer event

The guests aren’t the only piece of this sweet pie that make gatherings at Mill Plaza memorable. The surroundings are outstanding. It was such a treat to hear Joe tell me all about the building process and the history of the Gardner Mill. It’s clear he’s a man who loves what he does and takes preserving our state history very seriously.

historic Gardner Mill 

It would take far more space than I have to offer here to describe all of the time and attention that has gone into preserving this Utah landmark and making it an awesome backdrop for our community to enjoy. No matter the event you have in mind (weddings, grad parties, anniversary celebrations, baby showers, birthdays, or just a fun get-together), Mill Plaza and the other event areas that are part of Archibald’s Restaurant will make a stunning backdrop! 

Mill Plaza Utah event space 

Gear Room inside Archibalds Restaurant

I had such a good time mixing and mingling in this pretty setting. I join these sweet women in raising a glass to Gardner Village on a job very well done. Mill Plaza is outstanding--a real Utah gem! 

cheers toast at Mill Plaza 

That's a wrap for this fiesta. Thanks to all who came and made it special!  

Party on the plaza


Megan Hoeppner

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