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Wednesday Oct 11 2017

When Gardner Village first announced their new Witch in the Kitchen event, my mind went to my own experience. As one who lacks any kitchen prowess, I can sometimes be a bit… well, witchy when it comes to matters of this room in my home. 

witch fixings

holiday table halloween

Boy, was I wrong. Unlike me, Lucinda knows her way around an oven. There’s magic in her mixing. She’s chops with finesse. She satays to satisfy. And she does all of this while entertaining houseguests. She must have some serious potion power up those sleeves of hers!

Lucinda the witch cooking

witch in the kitchen

If you’ve yet to hear of this newest event in the WitchFest lineup, you can read more about it here. Lucinda teaches three classes each week in October—Savory Soups & Stews, All Things Pumpkin, and Pop Around the Clock (cooking with… yes, you guessed it, popcorn!). 

all things pumpkin cooking class

Audience members really get in on the act, too. There are adorable door prizes to be had and samples to be tested. 

utah halloween fun

kitchen halloween decor

Plus, the witches and warlocks in Lucinda’s kitchen are invited to help prepare the fabulous feast that they then all enjoy together.

cooking classes in Utah

Want a taste test? Set your cauldron to bubble. Here’s a free recipe straight out of Lucinda’s kitchen for you to try.

Savory Pumpkin Pizza

pumpkin pizza recipe

There's still time to get in on the fun. The warm fires are blazing, and Lucinda and friends are waiting to welcome you with open arms. 

welcome witch 

fire pit

mill plaza at gardner village

Megan Hoeppner

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