Gardner Village Blog 10 White Elephant Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Get a Laugh
Wednesday Dec 4 2019

Eep! There’s an elephant in the room. Don’t worry, this doesn’t necessarily mean awkward air clearing is in order. Not when that elephant is white. Be the star of your upcoming holiday gathering/gift exchange with a hilarious white elephant gift. Lulu’s Boutique at Gardner Village has many knee-slapping choices. Take a look! 

Oh, Dr. Suits, thank you for your wisdom and warning. LOL 

joke books

Give someone the royal treatment with this auto absurdity. From queen for a day to Santa’s sleigh, these window stickers will make any ride more fun! 

christmas car decor

famous passenger car window stickers

There’s silliness in store for every age at Lulu’s. Even the tiredest of new parents won’t be able to resist a smile when they open these cheeky binkies.

funny baby shower presents

Uh oh! Looks like Grandma isn't the only at risk of getting run over this Christmas Eve. Not with Santa's new mode of dino transportation. And who doesn’t know a filthy animal or two who could stand to change their socks?

silly christmas socks

Nothing like a quirky board game to bring on the guffaws. From poo play for kids (what kid can resist the potty humor?) to smart aleck antics for adults, laughter is sure to ensue with these games on the table. 

family board games

At last, those suffering with a snoring sleeper can enjoy a long winter’s nap, uninterrupted! 

holiday gift exchange ideas

Impart words of wisdom onto fellow party goers with this laughable library. 

 funny white elephant gifts

Raise your hand if you remember this gem of prank from the ‘80s. Nothing like introducing the next generation to a classic gag! [WARNING: You will get wet!]

toilet gag gift

Avoid dish drama with this bulbous llama!

llama love


Simply stated...

funny wall art

This is only the beginning of the brilliance. Lulu’s Boutique also carries slightly more mature options. Stop by before your upcoming outing and take your elephant exchange to the next level. [WARNING: Santa’s belly won’t be the only one bowl-full-of-jelly mode.]

Megan Hoeppner

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