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Tuesday Oct 16 2018

They fly in every Halloween season and make Gardner Village their home. You’ll find them shopping, singing, cackling, pranking, playing, and even cooking, but just who are the Gardner Village witches? Let’s learn more about our favorite feisty females with these 10 wacky factys. 

witchfest at gardner village

Wacky Facty #1: The Village witches are kids at heart! 

halloween activities for young children

halloween west jordan utah

No wonder the Six Hags Adventure play area is one of their favorite Village stops. 

october events in salt lake area 

Join them on Wee Witches Weekend, Thursday, October 18, from 10am to 8pm and Friday and Saturday, October 19 and 20, from 10am to 9pm. 

 six hags witches adventure

Wacky Facty #2: The Village witches give THE BEST advice!

family halloween fun

Hmmm... Okay... maybe not the best, but they're always willing to share their witchy wisdom. The next time you find yourself tangled in a web of worry, these girls have your back! 

 wee witches weekend

Wacky Facty #3: The Village witches LOVE to entertain!

Be their guest at the Moonstruck Witches Dinner, new this year at Archibald’s Restaurant. Join them on Oct. 26 or 27, 2018. Seatings at 5pm and 7pm are sold out. However, two new seatings were just added at 4pm and 8pm today.  

moonstruck witches dinner 

Buy Moonstruck Witches Dinner tickets here. 


If morning is more your speed, join them for Breakfast with a Witch. Young witches love this chance to play with and meet their favorite feisty and fearless females! 

breakfast with a witch 

Get Breakfast with a Witch tickets here.


Wacky Facty #4: The Village Witches bake up more than just frog spells. 

In fact, you'll be the hit of any Halloween party if you follow their foodie lead. Learn the secrets of their spellbooks at the highly entertaining Witch in the Kitchen event. 

witch in the kitchen 

Get Witch in the Kitchen tickets here.

This is Batty Crocker, one of the new witches to join the crew this year. Make sure you give her a sweet welcome if you happen upon her at your next witch outing. 

gardner village witch batty crocker 

Wacky Facty #5: The Village Witches are night owls! 

Daytime isn't the only time you'll spot these pretties. They love taking to the dance floor at Witches Night Out! 

aunt elsies trinkets and treasures

Join them at Witches Night Out on Oct. 26 and 27 from 6 to 10pm. (Ladies 18 years and older encouraged at this evening affair.) 

 ladies night out in salt lake area

Wacky Facty #6: The Village witches are women of many talents!

pine needles 

The Great Escape

From magic to balloon animals, these ladies have many tricks up their silly sleeves. You never know what they might reveal (or when they might crash your Willow Hill Yarn Company knitting class!). 

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Wacky Facty #7: The Village Witches can’t resist a camera!

 family fun in utah

If you see them out and about at the various witch events this season, don’t hesitate to stop them for a photo. These girls have plenty of selfie esteem! 

gardner village  

Wacky Facty #8: The Village Witches have DELICIOUS macarons named after them at Naborhood Bakery. 

naborhood bakery 

Get these seasonal favorites and other seasonal sensations at Naborhood Bakery before they go back in hiding for another year. Your tastebuds will thank you! 

Wacky Facty #9: The Village Witches love seeing you in YOUR witch wear! 

Do you have a fab witch wardrobe? Wear it to The Village when you visit during WitchFest. It only adds to the excitement of it all!  

witches night out 

Wacky Facty #10: The Gardner Village Witches board their brooms soon. 

Well, this one is a little more sad than it is wacky. All good things must come to an end. Visit The Village between now and Halloween to enjoy the free witch displays and scavenger hunt, and see our events calendar for dates you can visit these wonderful witches before they take to the skies. 

witchfest 2018 

See a complete list of WitchFest events here


Megan Hoeppner

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