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Wednesday Apr 21 2021

With the pandemic, many were asked to shift to at-home work without notice. If "Update the Home Office" has been on your to-do list for a year now, it's time to grab a pen and finally check that box. CF Home Furniture & Design and Down to Earth are here to inspire you with ideas for full office spaces and smaller spots you've established within your main living areas. Together, let's create a work area that's as stylish as it is user friendly.

sofa table workspace


If you’ve been asked to take your career home but are without an established home office, these solutions are for you. From lap work to carving out a little living room real estate, these designs will fit seamlessly into your family’s current setup.

1. Entry Table Turned Work Station

With a few simple switches, you can flip your entry table and create a 9-5 oasis. Find this modern design and accessories at Down to Earth.

how to style an entry table


Down to Earth 

Simply swap out the accessories for office-friendly organization and pull up a seat. The artwork-to-mirror swap is another optional adjustment, though certainly not required. 

2. Sofa Table Meets Desk

A sleek sofa table won’t eat up a bunch of room in your living area but will offer a functional spot to get the job done. And don’t let the name fool you. This slender solution would work just as well against a wall/under a window as it does behind a sofa.

sofa table

BONUS BENEFIT: Sofa tables are taller than traditional desks, making them a great option for those who like having the option of standing while working.  

From working at home to homework, this longer sofa table solution would make a fab desk AND schoolwork station for the kids.

homework station


3. Tray Chic

Sometimes having a spot to contain your basic work pieces (tablet, planner, etc.) is all you need to keep yourself feeling organized and working like the boss you are. CF Home has several tray options to consider.

2021 sofa style 

 portable workspace


If you already have a functioning office in the home, now’s a great time to dress it up with new features. Check out this designer desk, just in at CF Home!

CF Home



Beyond bigger furniture items, you'll find plenty of smaller detail items at Gardner Village that promise to make "going to work" more fun. From home decor items and wall decor to pen holders and even cute planners, today's a great day to give any space a little update.

cute gift ideas for friend

unique desk accessories

boho home decor

Let the shops at Gardner Village help you create a workspace that works for you.

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