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A Family-Friendly Guide to Wee Witches Weekend and WitchFest with Kids
Wednesday Oct 16 2019
With all there is to see and do at WitchFest, we thought we would spell out a game plan for those of you visiting with wee ones throughout the month or during Wee Witches Weekend. Not every WitchFest activity is kid friendly, after all. Wanting to make sure you get the most out of ...


You are in for a Treat with These Witchy Eats
Wednesday Oct 9 2019
A witch recipe book is full of surprises. Sometimes it’s eye of newt and tail of tadpole... Other times... well... the story turns a bit sweeter, more savory, and absolutely satisfying to we mere mortals. Believe it or not, witches can whip up concoctions made of sugar, spice, and all the things ...