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Wednesday May 16 2018

Do you remember how to have fun? A silly question, right? Or is it? When was the last time you had a truly amazing night out? This doesn’t mean eating in an arcade or riding kiddie rides. It means time just for YOU. Well, you and your girlfriends. When was the last time you enjoyed a girls’ night out? 

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All photos courtesy of Chelsey Curtis @housewife2hostess

As busy women, we often put our own needs last. Yes, a girls’ night is a “need.” It helps you recharge and remember who you are. Not you as a mom or a busy employee or a home manager… simply YOU. That’s what the Fairy Dance Party at Gardner Village is all about. 

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Chelsey Curtis, also known as @housewife2hostess, is the fab fairy throwing this fiesta. She put it best when she said, “I want people to feel transported back to a more carefree time. A time before the responsibilities of kids and bills and to-dos. I want them to hear that music from the ‘90s and early 2000s and smile as they sing every word to their favorite Fergie song.” 


Date: Saturday, June 2, 2018

Time: 6:30-10pm (Doors open at 6:30 pm. Dance party begins at 8:00 pm.)

Where: Mill Plaza at Gardner Village (outside of Archibald’s Restaurant) 

Who: Female Fairy Friends (ages 18+)

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Footloose & Fairy Free

“Dance parties offer a safe space for women to simply let loose and have fun,” Chelsey added. “It’s time to get out of mom-zombie mode and remember who you are.”

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A night off to dance under the stars with friends?! Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Or… does it? Is that nagging voice creeping in? The one that says it sounds like too much work to get ready? Can it be heard scolding you for wanting time away from your kiddos? Perhaps it brings up finding a babysitter and the work involved there? Chelsey knows that voice and those feelings all too well.

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“It’s easy to let that loud voice talk you out of having fun. Overpower it. Come anyway. Dance. Disconnect. Recharge. This is a safe environment where you can exhale and simply enjoy a night out. You deserve that, and the energy and happiness you’ll feel will make the effort to get there SO worth it!” 

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If you have fairy attire to flaunt, awesome, but don’t let the lack of wings keep you from showing up. We’ll have wands ready and professional fairy friends on site, ready to sprinkle you in glitter.

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Cool Stuff We All Get

In addition to wands, you’ll receive a magical SWAG bag, which includes over $150 in Gardner Village gift certificates! We're talking free treats, room sprays, money towards spa retreats, and much more. See all that's included here. Plus, refreshments will be served at the party. After all, we want you to keep that dancing energy up!

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So, ready to enjoy some fairy freedom and be a part of the first annual Fairy Dance Party? Click here to sign up. You’ll be so happy you did!

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Megan Hoeppner


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