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Tuesday Oct 13 2020

At last, the black cat is out of the bag! We’ve uncovered the Gardner Village witches’ secret to looking amazing. With only a broomstick for transport, it does beg the question — how do they pack their magnificent closets when making their seasonal Village visits? It’s not like their brooms have luggage racks, and we have it on good authority the witches reserve their spells for more… pressing matters. So just how do they keep themselves dressed to the nines? Turns out, their fashionable secret is… Shopaholics and Plum Dandy!


halloween parasols


You know what this breaking news means? It means you, too, can be the best dressed witch on the block (and the broom!).

 black and white witch costume

With the wave of a wand, both Shopaholics and Plum Dandy have come alive with the best in witch dress. From fashionable accessories, hats, and even face masks to eye-catching dresses, coats and cloaks, and shoes, you’ll find head-to-pointed-toe attire for every witchy style.

steam punk witch outfit

purple halloween dress 


While no witch will reveal the secret to her magic, we suspect it begins not with the wand but with the hat. And making your point is easy with the assortment of headwear available. You’ll find something for every personality and interest.

maternity witch ensemble

where to buy costumes locally in utah

These aren’t your mama’s witch hats. They’re packed with hattitude. Some even include miniature scenes!

spell casting witch hat

handcrafted witch hats 

unusual witch costume ideas

pretty witch hats

white witch hat

garden lover witch hat

intricate witch hat ideas

Here are a few smooth-topped options to consider if flat is more your flavor. 

steampunk hats

All in all, shopping for the finest in head gear truly is a hat-raising experience!

teal witch hat


You know what they say... If the mask fits, wear it. These might not be what one traditionally thinks of as a Halloween mask, but the assortment of face wear available at Plum Dandy and Shopaholics will take your 2020 mask game to new heights. 

dia de los muertos mask

The numerous styles will definitely give you something to grin about!

witch or pirate costume ideas

PLEASE NOTE: Gardner Village guests are asked to wear facemasks in all of our shops and restaurants, except while eating. Facemasks are also required outside due to a local mandate. Thank you.


Witches keep more than tricks up their sleeves. Their jewelry is a regular bling scream. Check out some of the unique pieces available at Shopaholics and Plum Dandy!

how to accessorize a witch outfit 

one of a kind costume jewelry 

bleeding heart necklace

halloween buried treasure

vampire costume necklace

witch costume accessories


You aren’t going to find costumes in plastic bags at these stores. These outfits are designer and divinely detailed. 

cool witch costume ideas for adults

steam punk outfits

black and white costume

amazing pirate outfits 

mill around

 boutique shopping in salt lake area


Yes, this way is clearly the witch way! Stop by Shopaholics and Plum Dandy at Gardner Village this season. You'll find enchanting ensembles for Witches Night Out or any other thrilling event on your calendar. The styles stretch well beyond October celebrating, but this is an extra exciting time to shop and strut your witch stuff. 

unique photo spots in utah 

Plum Dandy


For the younger witches in your midst, Spoiled Rotten Children's Boutique is the place to be. Plus, you never know who you might fly into as you shop. 

 spoiled rotten childrens boutique

We can't wait to see you in your witch wear at WitchFest soon. Learn more about all of the festivites here

best place to buy adult halloween costumes in utah



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