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Tuesday Dec 13 2016

Christmas Eve and traditions go together like milk and sugar cookies for Mr. C! Whether you’ve already established a special activity you do every year or are still looking for a fun idea to put into place annually, Gardner Village is here to help you make it memorable. Consider this your Top Ten Traditions list. 


Christmas Eve Tradition #1: Treats for the Big Man

Everybody knows Santa loves a good cookie. Can’t bake? Yeah, me neither. Never fear. Naborhood Bakery is here to help. They have delicious delights that are sure to put you at the top of Santa’s Nice list. Yum!

If you are going to whip up your own awesomeness, a Christmas apron is in order. You'll find them at CF Home, Lulu's Boutique, Celebrations by Modern Display and Layer's Beautiful Bedding, which is where this one is from. 

Want a cute plate to put your sweets on? Celebrations by Modern Display is where it’s at. 


Christmas Eve Tradition #2: New PJs (for the big kids!) 

Probably the second most common of traditions, after treats for Santa, is opening new jammies on the night before Christmas. Especially if you have young kiddos, but this doesn’t have to stop just because those babes are growing up. Layers Beautiful Bedding has the cutest nightshirt jams available, and they come in a matching bag! Send them to your college cutie and grab one for you while you’re at it. 


Christmas Eve Tradition #3: A New Dolly

This one strikes a personal chord for me. My parents gave me a new doll every year, and I LOVED it! Turns out Georgell Doll Shop started on a similar note. Georgell herself used to live for opening a new dolly every Christmas. She didn’t get much more than this each year, so the gift of her doll was pure magic. It’s what led to her love of dolls and, ultimately, the opening of Georgell Doll Shop. So sweet! 

Don’t stop at the doll. Georgell also has holiday pajamas. 


Christmas Eve Tradition #4: Open and Hang a New Ornament

Build your unique ornament collection one Christmas Eve at a time. Celebrations by Modern Display has a store full of unique choices. This is one of my personal faves!  


Of course, my daughter was all about these sweeties!


Christmas Eve Tradition #5: Open and Read a New Holiday Story

Cozy up in your favorite corner (this one happens to be from Down to Earth)…

Grab your softest blanket (this one from Layers Beautiful Bedding--are you listening, dear husband of mine?)…


And read a new book. Storybook Nook has so many options—something for everybody. 


Christmas Eve Tradition #6: Bid the Elves Farewell

Come see our Christmas cuties before Santa calls them home for another year. Christmas Eve is the perfect time to simply slow down and enjoy some fun with the family. We're open til 4pm. 

Our free scavenger hunt ends at Chocolate Covered Wagon, where your completed forms can be turned in for a free piece of salt water taffy. The hardest part about this scavenger hunt will be deciding what flavor of taffy to choose. They’re all so yum!

If you come by at night, make sure you stop by Chocolate Covered Wagon or Storybook Nook and pick up a pair of these babies. They make looking at the lights extra fun. We have two pairs - the candy canes and the reindeer - and everyone in the family adores them! 


Christmas Eve Tradition #7: Sip Hot Cocoa

Keep warm with a delicious cup of holiday hot chocolate. The elves sure love it. 

This mix is at Celebrations by Modern Display. 


Make the sipping more fun with the opening of a new mug. Lulu’s Boutique has a cuppa to choose from. ;)


Or you can go new-to-you with an antique option at Aunt Elsie’s. A Christmas Eve Tea Party sounds like a jolly good time to me!



Christmas Eve Tradition #8: Ring Your Bell

Give those angels their wings. Pop in It’s a Wonderful Life and ring one of these bells. This one is from CF Home.


And you’ll find this one at Storybook Nook. 



Christmas Eve Tradition #9: Get Fancy

Get dolled up. Even if you don't have a church service or dinner party to attend, you can pull out the pretty new threads and make your Christmas Eve dinner at home extra fancy. Spoiled Rotten has choices for babies, toddlers, girls, boys, tween girls, and even you, Mom! 


Go ahead, get out the fine China, polish that silver, and enjoy some refined holiday dining. Or just dress up and eat off of paper plates. It’s all in the attitude, after all, and nobody wants to deal with dishes when you should be hanging stockings with care. In fact, why not skip the dishes and make a long, relaxing Christmas Eve bath a bonus tradition this year? The bath bombs, shower steamers, and peppermint soap at Natural Joy are calling your name. 



Christmas Eve Tradition #10: Spread Good Cheer

Even if you can’t hold a tune to save your soul, you can still spread some cheer around your neighborhood. Gardner Village has plenty of gift ideas they’d adore. If you carol as you deliver your delights, all the better!

Make the tray you take your sweets on the real treat. This tree tray at Upon the Shelf is so pretty!


If a Christmas party is on the calendar, your hosts would be thrilled to know you dashed through the snow to give them these reindeer salt and pepper shakers at Down to Earth. 


Of course, you can’t go wrong with candy. I’ve tested this theory and can speak from experience. I gave these very treats to my neighbors this year. I was the hit of my street. LOL Thanks Chocolate Covered Wagon! 


Well, technically my cute little elves did the delivering. Thanks, babes! <3

Want an easy gift-tag idea to add to your gifts? I have a quick project on my blog


Gardner Village is full of wonder and charm any time of year, but there’s something extra special about milling about during the holidays. The elves antics, Cowboy Santa and his…alpaca at The Farm?, and so many other little details that make this time of year unforgettable. Come by sometime soon and add The Village to your much-loved traditions each year.


Megan Hoeppner

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