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Gardner Village Blog Tips for Setting a Thanksgiving Table
Wednesday Nov 4 2020

It’s the dining table’s time to shine. The talented team at Seven Gables Mercantile has set six super inspiring tables to put your decorating wheels in motion. Whether you’re using vintage pieces, new tableware, or a combination of the two, you’ll find tips to set your place settings apart this year.

 blue dishes


Before we dish the table tidbits, let’s talk savings. During November 2020 only, Seven Gables is offering 20% off all dining table/chair sets. Mention you saw this offer on the blog to claim your savings.

vintage dining tables in utah


TABLE TALK: Stand out with a vintage vibe

 holiday table settings

A surefire way to make your holidays shine is to pull out vintage dishes. They add detail and a delicate touch, so your table will easily stand out from the cookie-cutter crowd.

 noritaki dishes

Isn’t this vintage Japanese set gorgeous? It’s Noritaki Ivory China.

noritaki china 

TABLE TIP: What’s old is new again. If you can’t find that perfect vintage item to complete your table, odds are good you’ll find a great looking replica. This salt cellar, for example, is made to look old but is actually new. There are many little gems like this available at Seven Gables Mercantile.

 salt cellar

TABLE TALK: Embrace the blues

thanksgiving table ideas 

Thoughts of fall often turn to warm hues, but, as this striking table illustrates, blue can also set a thankful tone.


TABLE TIP: Look for dinnerware that combines blue with more traditional fall colors to keep it seasonally on point.

vintage chairs 

TABLE TIP: This cutie pumpkin is proof that seasonally specific motifs set in unexpected shades will help further your feel.

 pumpkin cookie jar

TABLE TALK: Embrace whimsy

 rooster cookie jar

This one’s for the early risers… or at least the rooster fans. :) Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your table scene. A whimsical setting is sure to be remembered.


TABLE TIP: The rooster in this hen house is actually a cookie jar. Many dish sets include such matching containers. If yours does, look to it as a height-adding option for your table décor. And since Thanksgiving meal prep usually has the household head chefs up before the rooster crows, having a few sweets within reach as you work isn’t the worst idea.

 colorful thanksgiving table

TABLE TALK: Dish up a centerpiece

 DIY centerpiece ideas

At first glance, this tablecloth might seem “spring,” with its pretty floral design, but the DIY centerpiece sitting at its center works to bring it from spring to fall.


TABLE TIP: Move over, turkey. The large platter in this set is the perfect spot for the fall-focused detail. Simply combine a few pinecones with artificial foliage to serve up this chic treat.  

 easy fall centerpieces

TABLE TIP: Flip the dish. Maker details are often marked on the bottom. If you’re in the market for a specific brand or country of origin, this is a great way to find what you’re looking for. This particular set is Liberty Blue, a vintage collection from England.

Liberty Blue England 

TABLE TALK: Happy harvest

 tall table candles

If a more traditional color scheme is your cup of tea, this pretty set is an excellent option.


TABLE TIP: Mix and match plate shapes. When given the choice between round and square plates, consider some of each. When stacked together, they create a little extra splash of personality and interest.

fall dishes 

TABLE TIP: Incorporate light. Fire isn’t the only thing that makes candles warm. A room always feels warmer when candles are lit. Another plus? They come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes finding a piece that will add height without adding bulk can prove difficult. Candles are always a safe bet.

cool candle ideas 

TABLE TALK: A fruitful display

 fruit dishes

The fruits of your decorating labor will be evident with this fresh take on Thanksgiving.


TABLE TIP: Let your dishes take your display the extra mile. For example, this charming butter dish is a huge step up from simply setting a tub of spread out. From butter dishes to salt cellars to gravy boats to appetizer trays, it’s true that presentation is perfected with the correct container.

butter dish with bird 

TABLE TIP: You don’t have to have vintage dishes to add a vintage vibe. Buying a complete set of new (to you) dishes can sometimes be cost prohibitive. If that’s the case but you love the look of yesteryear, consider small touches, such as antique glassware. The old glasses on this table are a perfect pair with these new dishes. They add an antiqued feel without breaking the bank.

vintage salt and pepper shaker 

They just don’t make ‘em like this anymore. Look at the detail around the bottom of this glass. Stunning!




With just about everything this year, COVID is a factor this Thanksgiving. But it doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. If your space allows, consider exchanging one large dining table for several smaller tables, spread safely apart. Individual families can sit at each. It will almost give your setup a restaurant feel. “Right this way, Bob and Jo. Your table awaits.”

COVID thanksgiving idea 

This might be a tiresome tip to include, but it is a sign of the times nonetheless. Vintage chairs often offer great mask-hanging potential. Seven Gables has multiple chair options if you’re looking for such a detail.

vintage chairs 


Why should Santa have all the fun? Why not get your guests involved in a name-drawing event this Thanksgiving? If you do set up individual tables for individual families, have your guests bring table settings for other guests. Wouldn’t it be fun to draw names and say, “Okay [NAME] family, you’ll be decorating [NAME’S] table this year? Have fun!

 jelly dish

Along similar lines, you could simply include your guests in the decorating of their own tables. It would be an at-a-glance way to see the different personalities and styles of the families in attendance. If you wanted to up the ante, turn it into a decorating contest and see what everyone comes up with.

antique glasses 


The main thing Seven Gables wants you take away from this post is that you always have options when it comes to setting a table you and your guests will adore. You don’t have to run out and buy all new items. Go a more playful route and include your family in the decorating fun. Feel free to blend dish styles and combine old with new. No matter how you approach it, it’s the time together that really counts. The rest, as they say, is just gravy.

 cute candlesticks

Happy Thanksgiving!  

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