Gardner Village Blog There's Nothing Sloppy About These Seconds
Tuesday Jul 25 2023

Why buy secondhand? When it comes to finding “new” treasures, there are so many valuable reasons to do a double-take. Our friends at Seven Gables Mercantile have their top 10 and a look inside what’s hot in their shop this summer. Take a look!



“Where’d you get [fill in the blank]?” This will be a frequently asked question when you bring home an original find from a locally-owned, secondhand store. It isn’t “fast fashion” or carbon-copied clutter. The items are unique, making them amazing conversation pieces.



Make Mother Nature’s day with a shopping trip to a consignment shop, flea market, antique store, or other area secondhand seller. Your purchases breathe new life into items and keep them out of landfills. By reducing waste and extending the lifecycle of products, you help minimize the demand for new items and reduces the strain on resources required for manufacturing and transportation. Who knew a simple purchase of a cool item could mean so much? 



There’s a common misconception that buying vintage = pricy. This isn’t the case at many local sellers, including Seven Gables Mercantile, where you’ll find amazing deals on everything from jewelry to “new” furniture for the home. Because prices are significantly lower compared to buying new, you can stretch your budget without breaking your bank.


Just where do these incoming treasures come from? Right here in Utah! Your own friends and neighbors bring in items to sell, which means your purchase supports your those around you. Because merchandise is provided by locals, you’re likely to find a piece of your area’s history.



It’s about more than just items from yesteryear. That days-gone-by vibe also applies to the kind of customer service you receive. Believe it or not, there was a time when making a purchase felt personalized. The employee helping you was invested in your story and finding you your perfect item. They’re often experts in their field and able to answer your questions. If you want, they’ll even give you a history lesson as you shop at no extra charge.



Supporting small businesses in your area keeps money circulating right in your backyard. By doing so, it helps create more local jobs, which futther gives back to your neighborhood. Hard to argue with that logic.



It’s where vintage and retro meet, which is fun whether you're a collector or simply appreciate the nostalgia of past eras. Secondhand stores often have a wide range of unique and well-preserved items, just waiting to be rediscovered.



Because much of the inventory in a consignment shop comes from members of the community, stores like Seven Gables naturally double as a gathering place for likeminded people. You’ll fun into others who care about conserving the past and appreciating the artistry that can be found around any corner. Shopping at a place like this is wonderful way to become part of a bigger group and contribute to their captivating community.



It isn’t uncommon for secondhand shops to have a social mission at their core. Some donate a portion of their proceeds to charitable causes, while others support local initiatives or provide employment opportunities to disadvantaged individuals. By purchasing from these shops, you contribute to their efforts and help make a difference.



If you were to search Google Maps for Seven Gables, X would mark the spot. This spot is full of hidden gems. There’s so much thrill in the hunt!

“Buying local” isn’t just a catch phrase. It really does matter. And buying secondhand is an added layer of importance. Of course, it also comes down to FUN. Shopping at a store like Seven Gables means you’ll find new things with every trip. You’ll reminisce and tell stories about how ‘your grandma had one of those.’ It’s more than just buying an item. It’s an experience, and a memorable one at that. See for yourself and visit Seven Gables soon. Just look for the shop with the friendly pup waiting to greet you at the door.


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