Gardner Village Blog Thanksgiving Crafts and Unbeatable (and easy!) Rolls
Tuesday Nov 15 2016

When it comes to cooking, I know next to nothing. So you can imagine my delight when I found something I could contribute to the big meal that's easy AND home baked. The frozen Parkerhouse, Orange, and Butterflake Rolls at Naborhood Bakery are Y-U-M, and I am here to testify that anyone, and I mean anyone can make them and be the talk of the table. Okay, so anyone old enough to work an oven, but that's the only skillset required. All you have to do is let them rise on the pan for four hours and put them in the oven for 10 minutes. The result is delicious rolls and a house that will smell heavenly! Mmmm... 


Quick Thanksgiving Crafts

While I lack the ability to express myself creatively in the kitchen where food is concerned, I do enjoy dressing up our Thanksgiving table each year with some sort of craft. This year, I decided to make bitty felt envelopes that work as both place cards and gratitude cards for my guests.


Here's how it's done:

Step 1: Pine Needles has felt already cut into little squares in a variety of gorgeous colors. Pick one square per envelope and the colors that complement your table this year. Why felt? Because it's easy to work with but also durable. You can use these sweet pieces each year. Paper envelopes won't hold up as well but are another idea to try if you're short on time or want a shortcut.

TIP: For table decor ideas, check out last week's post. Down to Earth and CF Home served up numerous gorgeous suggestions!


Step 2: Turn the felt square to the diamond position and fold one side in. Using embroider thread, sew that side. Repeat on the other side to create your envelope.


Step 3: Add a button and cut a slit in the felt for the button hole. Felt is SO forgiving--a very easy medium to work with, whether you're new to fabric crafts or not.

Step 4 (optional): For a personalized touch, stitch the name of your guest on the envelope.

Step 5: Introduce a new texture by tying the envelope to a wooden feather (a real feather would also work). 

TIP: I left a long string attached to my card so I can string it up on a banner or branch after the dinner is through, taking it from place card to party decor. 

Step 6: Cut a small card from patterned paper and dress it up with a sticker or decorative tape or some other pre-made accent.

NOTE: I used double-sided paper, which has patterns on both sides. I opted for neutral prints that will be easy to write on. 


You have three options for this card:

1. Write why you're thankful for that guest and leave it in the envelope as a surprise when they sit for dinner.

2. Ask guests to write what they're thankful for and keep it in the envelope, adding a new card each year and building a collection.

3. Both! Write why you're thankful for them on one side and ask them to write something they're thankful for on the other. Blessing counting all around! 

BONUS IDEA: If you love this idea but don't have time to make one for each guest, go with paper envelopes. They'll look just as cute on your table. And save the felt one for the hostess. Add a gift card to thank him or her for all of her hard work.

Thanksgiving Leaf Garland

Want another quick craft idea? How about a sweet leaf line? Simply cut leaves from cotton, linen, felt, and/or another fabric and stitch them together using a sewing machine. Make it to hang or drape across your table. You'll find the real deal inside the Pine Needles window if you want to get a closer look. 


Give Thanks

Heading somewhere this Thanksgiving? Don't forget a gift for your hosts. You'll find plenty of unique options at Gardner Village, including this classy measuring cup set, available at Down to Earth.

In this season of counting blessings, please know that everyone at Gardner Village sure appreciates all you do to support our local, family owned shops. Being a part of such a loving community is certainly something we're thankful for.


Megan Hoeppner 

P.S. We know there are many stores competing for your attention on Black Friday, which is why we're getting a jump on the fun with our Moonlight Madness sale this Saturday, November 19, from 6 to 9 PM. You'll find extra special deals throughout The Village, as well as fun activities and games. This sweet project is just one fun thing in store at Pine Needles. 

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