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Wednesday Jul 17 2019

If you’re in the market for something fun to do on a Saturday morning, the Farmers Market at Gardner Village is where it’s at. This outdoor shopping experience combines produce with home decor, fitness gear, toys, gifts, food trucks, and more! Better than that, it gives you a taste of what shopping local means. Let’s take a quick stroll through the market and see what you’ll discover:

gardner village farmers market


Each vendor has a story to tell, a passion to share, and a unique item or service to offer. Let's get to know a few of the fabulous shop owners on site. 



“This is our first year at the market,” said Jessica, owner of Nana’s. “We have pieces from our Mexican heritage to share. Cultural things are so colorful, it just brightens up your day!”

Mexican culture

The Nana’s booth absolutely adds vibrant sunshine to a Saturday morning at the Farmers Market. 

handmade jewelry

The clothing and jewelry and mugs are all handmade in Mexico by members of the Huichol tribe from Nayarit. 

Huichol tribe

“My mother immigrated from Mexico when she was young,” Jessica said. “I just moved here from Palm Springs. It’s fun sharing our heritage and culture with Utah”

We're so glad you're here! Your products are almost as gorgeous as your young sales associate. 




“We’ve been making waffle pops for friends and family for years, but we’ve only been officially business since October,” said Doug, one of the owners of VeloWafel, a company who creates handcrafted liege wafels.

Velo Wafel Utah

It’s easy to see how the word-of-mouth popularity propelled these tasty treats into an official business for Doug, his wife Kristen, and their daughter Megan. 

“Velo means bicycle in French,” Doug said. “We plan to introduce mobile bicycle delivery soon. Because… bikes and Belgium waffles just go together!”

Indeed they do, Doug! Of course, it’s hard to imagine your yummy treats not going with anything. Good luck growing your business and accessibility this year. In the meantime, we’re delighted we can get our fix at the Farmers Market. Espcially with these adorable helpers on hand, offering free samples. YUM! :)

buy local utah



“My mom makes ‘em as fast as I can sell them,” Riley said with a smile, describing Yoga Sling and their clever yoga mat carriers. 

Yoga Sling

“They snap shut with a magnet, so you don’t have to worry about the struggle that comes from cramming your rolled up mat into a tight bag.” 

magnetic yoga bag

“My mom made a bag for herself and took it to yoga class. That same day, she had orders for three bags. The idea for Yoga Sling just took off from there.”

Riley and Julie typically sell on Etsy and look forward to the market season when they can meet customers in person.

“We did the Farmers Market last year and loved it,” Riley said. “It’s a way to get more traffic and connect with our buyers. It’s a ton of fun and we really enjoy it!”

handmade yoga accessories

Check out the Yoga Sling website to see what their Garner Village market dates are for this season. 



These are just a few of the MANY stories behind the Gardner Village Farmers Market. It’s part of what makes this experience a special one. Of course, shopping the local products, handmade offerings, and specialty services is also a reason to make the trip. Take a look! 

Lucky Pine Studio

potted plants

Lucky Pine Studio makes finding fresh (and funny!) home decor as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

1. Pick a plant.
2. Pick a pot.
3. Piece together.

lucky pine studio

great gift ideas

Tagge's Famous Fruit & Veggie Farms

Tagge's brings the produce to this Farmers Market. As the summer and fall progresses, they introcue the latest in in-season fruits and veggies, all grown right her in Utah. 

Tagge's Famous Fruit and Veggie Farms

Utah farmers market

Of course, you can't go wrong with any of their salsas or jams either. So good! 

canned jams and salsas


Hey Kait Creative

From heavnely soft minky blankets to punch needle art and wall hangings, Hey Kait has a chic style and handmade touch you'll adore. 

Hey Kait Creative

buy handmade

minky blankets


Yukon Vending

These cute people will help you wet your whistle in a most delightful way. I mean, "Swedish Fish Skewer!" Need I say more?! Of course, you can also learn about their innovative vending options, including a tour of their mobile convenience store. Very cool! 

yukon vending

mocktail ideas

family friendly drink bar

There are more booths to explore at the 2019 Gardner Village Farmers Market. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebooks accounts for the latest. 


The Gardner Village Farmers Market brings in opportunities to help the planet and your fellow man. Take a look!

The Starlight Program

This is a foster care service that helps pair Utah's children in foster care with just the right foster home. They really do their homework to create great matches for you/your family and these dear children who so desperately need homes. If foster care interests you, this is an excellent resource for you. Call The Starlight Program (801.747.3556) or visit their booth at the market to learn more. 

The Starlight Program


Sparrow Electric

If you've been considering solar panels, these guys are full of answers and informaton. Plus, they offer a lively game of Plinko, complete with prizes. 

sparrow electric

Beyond the fun and games, they're super knowledgable when it comes to how solar can signifcantly lower your home costs. You can even sign-up for a free estimate and home visit right at the Farmers Market, making it easy to get this worthwhile process under way.

solar panel options


Gardner Village prides itself on its small shops and locally owned business. That feeling extends to the Farmers Market. The market vendors are important to the Gardner Village community. It’s why The Village hosted a vendor dinner and invited booth owners to come out for a delicious meal and discussion around a shared vision for the market.

lulu's french fries

“This is our second year as vendors at the Gardner Village market,” said Launa, one of the owners of Lulu’s French Fries and Lulu’s Churros. “Getting together with Gardner Village helped get everyone on the same page about expectations and goals for this year. We're excited!” 

"We are truly trying to make this a team effort," said Jenna Dunn, Farmers Market manager. "We discussed plans for this year and ideas for making this season even better than years past. The vendors like having a say in what our market looks and feels like, and we value their expertise and awesome ideas!"



Apply for a vendor space here. Before you apply, please read the rules and regulations here


The Farmers Market at Gardner Village, which goes through October 26, 2019, is every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Each week offers something different (in-season produce, upcoming kids' booths, etc.), so check back often! 

Learn more about the Farmers Market at Gardner Village here.  

Megan Hoeppner

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