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Wednesday Mar 15 2017

Hello, dolly! Looking for a place to host a unique birthday party, enjoy a girls’ outing, or simply do something different with your kiddos? Georgell Doll Shop at Gardner Village is your spot! 


March happens to be the in-between time for shop-scheduled parties on the Georgell calendar, but this doesn’t mean you can’t call or visit the store to schedule a custom event. Choose from any of the imaginative party options available. 


1. Indoor Pajama Parties (space for up to ten guests)

Put on your favorite PJs and gather ‘round the in-store fireplace for magical story time, treats and other surprises. Day or night, pajama parties are always a good idea! Indoor Pajama Parties are held January through March each year.


2. Outdoor Patio Parities (starting in April, weather permitting) 

From the Dolly & Me Fairy Garden Teas to private patio parties, this outdoor space is the prettiest backdrop in town. It sits along a river, with live duckies often swimming by to say hi. The gardens are beautifully landscaped with flowers in bloom.

There are even sparkling lights hanging overhead.

Look closely, and you’ll see you aren’t alone in your celebrating. Numerous tiny fairies have set up handmade homes in this space. Enjoy a fun scavenger hunt of the homes as part of your party!


3. 18” Doll Parties

The hugely popular 18” dolls are right at home at Georgell. Party goers can bring their own dolls from home or you can let them pick out and purchase dolls in the shop. Makes a fun and memorable birthday gift!


Kids love going through the impressive assortment of doll accessories. What a fun shopping spree!


Plus, there is exclusive doll seating so kiddos and dolls alike can enjoy tasty snacks and party beverages. 

NOTE: 18” dolls are invited to be a part of all shop parties, whether you specify an 18” doll party specifically or not. 


4. Combined Celebrations

The shop owners and staff members are happy to accommodate a party with other shops in The Village or even alongside Village events like our Woodland Fairies, WitchFest, Christmas elves and more.


5. Catered Celebrations

Parties at Georgell include juice or water and tasty snacks for every attendee, but you are also welcome to take any party up a tasty notch by coordinating a treat or meal delivery with Naborhood Bakery and Cafe. They will even deliver the food for you at a designated time, which is SO nice and convenient. Ask the friendly people at Georgell for more details on including food, baked goods or a custom cake at your celebration. 

NOTE: There is no added fee for including catering. You simply have to cover the cost of the food. Talk about a sweet deal! 


6. Personalized Party

Can’t decide from this impressive list? You don’t have to! Georgell will happily work with you to create the perfect celebration. If that means a tea party in PJs with 18” dolls, beading, and catered kids’ meals from the bakery, they will make your wish happen. You can even invite a fairy, princess or witch to host your party with stories, songs and activiteis. 


Party Inclusions

No matter the adventure you choose to embark on at Georgell, you have the option to include “tea” (juice and water), tasty baked treats, custom party favors, even hats and aprons to wear. Activities are also optional, including a Find the Fairy game with fairy garden parties, coloring butterflies and creating magic fairy dust jars. Plus, the shop offers space to decorate, room for presents and more! It really is an overly accommodating space to celebrate. 


Learn More

To find out about upcoming events, inquire about parties, or see photos of past events, follow Georgell Doll Shop on Facebook and Instagram. To talk to an employee, you can either email the shop’s owner, Holly, at, or you can call the shop at 801.561.1485. Shop hours are Monday-Saturday from 10am to 8pm, but the shop can stay open later for a private event, if arrangements are made in advance and pricing is adjusted accordingly. 

Your perfect party awaits! Start making memories that will last at Georgell Doll Shop at Gardner Village! 

Megan Hoeppner 

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