Gardner Village Blog Meet the Newest Gardner Village Shop: M Soaps!
Tuesday May 2 2017

This spring, we’re thinking clean at Gardner Village. Just in time for spring cleaning, we’re delighted to welcome M Soaps by Marguerite, the newest Gardner Village shop! 


Marguerite, the brainchild behind the store’s popular soap recipes, has been making soap for 15 years. However, she didn’t start out thinking this would be her career path. She was an elementary school teacher, with an emphasis in science and English. One day she shared the soap-making process with her students and found herself hooked! 


Beyond soap, other items were born out of necessity. For example, Marguerite developed the store’s popular lotion after her grandson was born with eczema and needed relief. 


From hobby to business, M Soaps were first sold at Utah’s popular Downtown Farmers Market, where Marguerite has had a booth for 15 years! This is the first time the store has branched out and opened a brick and mortar. 


Marguerite isn’t alone in such an endeavor. She has her talented, intelligent daughter by her side. Daniella has a background in science, which has proven quite useful as they’ve developed their products. 


“You have to do tons of research to get each recipe right,” Daniella said. She then went on to explain the process, throwing around words like “cold process,” “mixing of elements,” “saponification,” etc. I smiled and nodded as she went into science speak, doing my best to take notes. As you can see form this summary, she lost me at “saponification.” 


It is crystal clear Daniella and her mother know what they’re doing in making their line of products. Much time has gone into developing every recipe. You’re sure to find a safe, natural, well-made option in everything M Soaps carries (soap, lotions, bath bombs, etc.). 


Beyond personal care items, M Soaps supports local Utah artists. A local high school student, James Hall, makes and sells gorgeous pottery to save for college. What an ambitious, driven young man! Impressed by his tenacity and talents upon hearing his story, Marguerite and Daniella invited him to sell his pottery in their shop. 


“It was a natural fit,” Daniella said. “Take a bath and have a cup of tea! His stuff sells quite well. We love working with him!” 


You’ll also find unique and stunning wind chimes available at M Soaps. Trista Conde of T's Glass uses glass bottles to create these beauties. Aren't they cool!?


Gardner Village takes great pride in supporting local entrepreneurs. To see these brand new shop owners embracing the same ideals by welcoming local artists is a neat thing! No wonder M Soaps is such a warm and welcoming shop! 


Plus, with Fleetwood Mac spinning on the record player, it’s hard to go wrong! 


Welcome, Marguerite, Daniella, and M Soaps! Having your, ahem, bubbly personalities in The Village is a wonderful addition. 

By the way, their bubbly business is also online, so even if you aren’t local to Utah, you can get in on the action. (You'll also want to check out their Instagram account. The photos are happy!) If you are here in town, it’s worth the trip to stop in, sniff, and pick your favorites from the many yummy and well-made products available. But I will warn you, if you take your young daughter with you, you’re sure to go home with a bag o’ bath bombs. Kids love these things! Of course, parents do, too. Hooray for something that makes getting the kid in the tub just a bit easier! Bring on the bomb! ;)


Megan Hoeppner

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