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Monday Dec 12 2016

Once upon a time, an idea for a shop was brewing. As Vicki sat with her husband at a country western concert, all she could focus on was a name for said shop, not the honky tonk happening on stage. Then, like a magical chord being strung, the name rang out—Upon the Shelf. And they lived happily ever after! :)

Okay, so perhaps there’s a bit more to this store story than my little tale indicates, but the shop’s name did come about at a country concert, which is a fun tidbit. It seemed the perfect name for a place where you'd find a lovely assortment of delights to put on your shelves (and in all other areas of the home!). 


Fast forward 15 years, and this shop is still going strong in Gardner Village. While the shop may not have the same consignment focus it started out with, employees are still known to sell their wears in the store from time to time. And all of Vicki’s children contributed consignment items at one point or another. Vicki beamed as she recalled how the store afforded her daughters the opportunity to make some extra income while also being home with their own young kiddos. 

“This store has paid for dance lessons, piano lessons, preschool, all while my children were able to be home for it all,” Vick recalled.

Beyond handmade specialties, you’ll find happy gift ideas and knickknacks at every turn. Vicki hand selects all of the items the shop carries and pays loving attention to every detail. 

When I asked Vicki what she thought about her Gardner Village home, she said it was a wonderful place to do business, even if business isn’t your forte. “We love it here! With no business background, we were welcome with open arms, and they held our hand with regards to advertising and other marketing aspects as we learned the ropes. It’s a great place for anyone to succeed!” 


As I was snapping these pictures, I overheard Vicki discussing her next display idea with her husband. “Get your saw ready,” she said. He just smiled, as if he knew full well this was the name of their game. They seemed to make a terrific team, putting so much heart into their shop. They definitely follow the advice of their merchandice. (Love this pillow!) 


Whether it’s holiday decor or a unique gift idea you seek, Upon the Shelf is an excellent place to visit. The variety is impressive!

You're sure to get, ahem, wrapped up in the fun and games!

And you'll find plenty of wish-list material to add to your Nice list, including chic pieces to start your new year off on a stylish note.

Want a shelf to put your new treats upon? Yup, they've got those, too!

When you visit, please tell Vicki I said "hi" and ask her how her log project turned out. She'll know what you mean. ;)

Megan Hoeppner

P.S. After you visit Upon the Shelf, come cozy up by the fire at Georgell Doll Shop. Just in time for the holidays, Mrs. Claus will be in the store for Christmas Story Time. This is a busy time of year, but she's agreed to make the big trip every Wednesday and Friday evening between now and Christmas. She's in from 5:30-7:30 PM for this free holiday fun. It's something your tiny tots will cherish. Everything about this store is enchanting. After all, who doesn't love a good toy store at Christmas? Call the store for more details. Mrs. C will see you there tonight! 801.561.1485


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