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Wednesday Feb 14 2018

Once upon a time, there was a darling doll shop in the heart of Gardner Village. Here, cares are left at the door and children are swept off to a land of imagination and wonder. Stories are told. Games are played. Songs are sung. Treats are enjoyed. And wishes are granted! 

dolly and me pajama party

This isn’t a fairytale. Such enchantment is all part of the Dolly & Me PJ Party at Georgell Doll Shop. This limited time event isn’t one to miss. 


WHAT: Dolly & Me Pajama Parties--come in PJs 

WHO: Kids and their Dollies or Stuffed Animals

WHERE: Georgell Doll Shop @ Gardner Village

WHEN: Wednesdays and Saturdays through March 2018

TIME: 4:30pm and 6:30pm

Call 801.561.1485 for reservations. 

kids activities for boys and girls


The Party Through a Child’s Eyes

You don’t have to take my word for it. My five-year-old daughter is here to tell you just how delightful this experience is. Take it away, Maggie!

 indoor party idea

Well… when we came in, we went to a room with SO MANY doll clothes!

 18 inch doll clothes

Then, there was this girl. She had this idea to have a pajama party with all our dollies. I liked her because she had pajamas that matched her doll. 

 story hour

The girl said, “Want to play a game?” And we all went in the game room and played a game with round circles. It was great!

 game night

Then we read a book about Raggedy Ann and the wishing pebble. And a book about how she got her heart.

 slumber party

The music box played and we sang lullabies. 

 music box

singing time

We found wishing stones! And we even got our wishes!

 treasure hunt

wishing stone

I loved the tea party! With cookies and milk. And we got toy ones for our dollies! 

 dolly snacks

Oh, and we saw the Queen Raggedy Ann and the BIG bear, Beary Potter! 

 group event

toy land

We looked for fairies. I even found a princess castle! There were fairy houses all over. They were up high. They were down low. 

 fairy hunt

We even slept. It was relaxing. To wake up, we put our arms in the air and shook them and said, “Wake up, self!” 

sleep over

 pajama party

My favorite part was the treats, because we ate real milk and cookies and we had toy ones for our dolls!

 cookies and milk dolly and me

More Party Info

As a mom, it was so sweet to sit back and watch the kids. They were completely captivated by it all. 

 raggedy ann

Kaitlyn Shreiner, our lovely hostess, was SO good with the children. I wish I had half her energy and enthusiasm. 

 kids party ideas

Boys and girls are invited to come, dressed in their PJs, with either a doll or a stuffed animal. PJs and dolls aren’t party requirements, but they did make the atmosphere extra cozy. 

pj party for boys and girls 

Speaking of cozy, the story space is lined with fluffy pillows and even has a fireplace. Storybooks and delicate details are spread throughout, adding to the awesome ambiance. 

georgell doll shop

 indoor party space for kids utah

The snack area has room for the children AND their dolls, which is extra exciting for the kids. 

 salt lake area party space

dolly and me event

milk cartons

Parents, here’s a treat for you! As long as your babes are old enough to be okay on their own, you’re welcome to leave them at the shop and enjoy some shopping for the hour of the event. (The event space is blocked off from the rest of the store.) Of course, there is space for you to sit and enjoy the party as well, if you'd rather stay. 

 family fun

Birthday Parties & Private Events

party space for rent

If your child has been requesting a PJ party but you aren’t ready for an all-night commitment, this is the perfect solution. Here are the specifics for hosting a private PJ party event, whether you have a birthday party on the horizon or simply want to do something special with the children in your life:

  • Call the store to schedule a time. 801.561.1485
  • $12/child, with a 10-child minimum to reserve the space.

**NOTE: You don’t have to have 10 children attend your private event, but you do need to pay the 10-child min. to reserve the full space for the hour. 

  • It’s $25 extra for 30 minutes of bonus time to open presents, eat cake, etc. 

**NOTE: Refreshment extras such as cake need to be provided by you. Naborhood Bakery at Gardner Village is an excellent and convenient option. They’ll even deliver your cake to the doll shop. Call 801.566.8808 for details. 

tea parties 

Happiness... It's Easy to Catch!

I don’t know if it’s because it’s Valentine’s Day or because I have a soft spot for Raggedy Ann, but my favorite part of the Dolly & Me Pajama Party was when each child received a candy heart and learned the story of how Raggedy got her sweet disposition. Turns out a candy heart was sewn inside her when she was receiving repairs and that candy’s sweetness filled Raggedy with kindness and joy.

 raggedy anns heart

the story of raggedy ann

This line from the book, which describes Raggedy getting her heart, sums up the overall message of this darling story perfectly: “…all the other dolls were happy, too, for happiness is very easy to catch when we love one another and are sweet all through.” —Johnny Gruelle (Raggedy Ann author)

candy hearts 

Wise words! Stay sweet, dear friends, and have a happy Valentine’s Day! 

Megan Hoeppner 


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