Gardner Village Blog A Look Inside the Woodland Fairy Festival 2023, pt. 2
Wednesday Jun 21 2023

Welcome back to part two of our Gardner Village Woodland Fairy Festival coverage. Last time, we shared a look at the fairy parades happening every Saturday at noon, now through July 1, 2023. Today, we’ll check out Monday-Saturday fun to be had as you get into the full wing of things!

 Woodland Fairy Festival

Woodland Fairy Displays

This is how it all began back in 2016. Fairies landed in The Village and set up shop. Every year, they bring a few more friends back with them, offering new sites to find and ideas to inspire. 

Chocolate Covered Wagon

fairy displays in Utah

free family fun this summer

 inspiring fairy garden ideas

Gardner Village 

Utah's best thing to do with kids

Train Tour

If you need a break from flying about The Village, the train at The Train Shoppe has you covered. Get your tickets inside the store and enjoy this magical fairy-spotting ride.

 The Train Shoppe

family fun center

A-to-Z Fairy Search

Test your fairy-spotting skills with this free family entertainment. Start at the main stage near the water tower and embark on your alphabetical adventure.

fairy festival tradition

Find Your Fairy Name

Do you speak fairy? This is your chance to decode what your name translates to. Simply visit the wishing well outside of Chocolate Covered Wagon.

find your fairy name 

The Wishing Bridge

Don't forget to seize this chance to put your heart's desire into flight. First, find a courtesy wishing ribbon inside Seven Gables Mercantile. Make your way across the Wishing Bridge and tie your ribbon on as you make your wish. With fairy wonderment abound, you never know what ideas will take flight. 

the wishing bridge

Seven Gables Mercantile 

Photo Ops

Every time a camera shutter (or phone) clicks, a fairy gets its wings. 

Pine Needles

Okay, so perhaps this isn't how the old addage goes, but it doesn't mean the fairy life is any less wonderful. Find fun wing walls throughout Gardner Village. Pause for a pic with each. For added delight, share your shots on social and tag us so we can fly by for a hi. 

Willow Hill Yarn Company 

Believe it or not, this isn’t even everything. Find a complete list of Woodland Fairy Festival activities here and experience the magic for yourself. Don't delay. This enchanting experience is only here though July 1, 2023. Our smallest Village visitors can't wait to welcome you soon! 

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